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U.S. Challenge Caches: States CO - IA (shared, public)

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Caches, for U.S. States CO - IA, that require you to find a certain number of other caches that meet specific criteria (plus a few exceptions). Difficulty of the task varies.

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Last updated 03/13/2013

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC182QQ Unknown Cache CO - "DC" The Novice Cacher Cache (GC182QQ)
  Find fewer than 100 caches or find this cache with someone who has found fewer than 50 caches

GC181MX Unknown Cache CO - "DC"-:¦:- The Did Not Find Challenge -:¦:- (GC181MX)
  Log a DNF (Did Not Find) on 100 caches
Premium Member Only

GC182PZ Unknown Cache CO - "DC"-:¦:- The Mystery Challenge -:¦:- (GC182PZ)
  Find 50 Unknown (Mystery) caches
Premium Member Only

GC182PF Unknown Cache CO - "DC"-:¦:- The Streak Challenge -:¦:- (GC182PF)
  Find a cache a day for 100 consecutive days
Premium Member Only

GC18313 Unknown Cache CO - "DC"-:¦:- The Traditional Challenge III -:¦:- (GC18313)
  Find 1000 Traditional caches
Premium Member Only

GC1832X Unknown Cache CO - "DC"-:¦:- The Virtual Challenge -:¦:- (GC1832X)
  Find 50 Virtual caches
Premium Member Only

GC18NBX Unknown Cache CO - 1 Red Jeep (GC18NBX)
  Move or Discover a Red Jeep Travel Bug

GC21NH1 Unknown Cache CO - 10 Mile Traditional Challenge (GC21NH1)
  Find all of the Traditional caches within 10 miles of home

GC458G4 Unknown Cache CO - 10 years in a single day Challenge Cache
  Find a cache published in each of 10 different years in one day
Premium Member Only

GC2FZFX Unknown Cache CO - 100 miles to Cheyenne Challenge (GC2FZFX)
  Find 10 caches that contain a variation of "100 miles" in the title; Event, CITO, Virtual, Webcam, Locationless, Earthcaches excluded
Premium Member Only

GC43765 Unknown Cache CO - 16 Maidenhead QRA: Ham Radio Challenge

GC42HTA Unknown Cache CO - 2000-2001 Colorado Oldies Challenge
Premium Member Only

GC42HTE Unknown Cache CO - 2002 Colorado Oldies Challenge
Premium Member Only

GC42HTF Unknown Cache CO - 2003 Colorado Oldies Challenge
Premium Member Only

GC42HTG Unknown Cache CO - 2004 Colorado Oldies Challenge
Premium Member Only

GC42HTH Unknown Cache CO - 2005 Colorado Oldies Challenge
Premium Member Only

GC435B8 Unknown Cache CO - 27 Punctuation? Challenge Cache

GC3TW9T Unknown Cache CO - 555 Consecutive Days + Fizzy - Challenge (GC3TW9T)
  Find a cache a day for 555 consecutive days, and find a cache of each of 81 Difficulty/Terrain combinations including 9 Cache Types
Premium Member Only

GC1TZK6 Unknown Cache CO - 8 for 100,000' Challenge (GC1TZK6)
  Find 8 caches where the sum of their elevations is greater than or equal to 100,000 feet

GC3K0RR Unknown Cache CO - A Difficult Day Challenge (GC3K0RR)
  Find a cache of each of 9 different Difficulty ratings in one day
Premium Member Only
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