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SS ACT 2008 and before - je ne sais quoi (shared, public)

List Owner: SecretSquirrel-BJC

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There are so many wonderful and enjoyable caches in the ACT which have encouraged me to get out and explore different parts, aspects, views, rises, parks, features, anomalies and rocks - mmm love those rocks. Solving puzzles has exercised my brain and hopefully will ward off early dementia. I have appreciated them all for one reason or another - even if sometimes it was just to get me off the couch and out for a stroll.

Amongst all of those, there is a smaller group which had an "x factor" for me in the ACT - other than my own hides of course - lol!

And most importantly, you don't have to agree with me! Your criteria may be very different to mine, and that is ok! Perhaps you could also publish a booklist of caches which met your criteria for being "leaders of the pack".

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC1C1YT Unknown Cache 670 Dots
  Fun puzzle - well-hidden  

GCM170 Unknown Cache 76 Trombones

GCZAHK Unknown Cache 8 Ball
  great puzzle and amazing cache container  

GCT6WF Traditional Cache A CLEAR Loop
  Excellent bike ride around the loop  

GC17W5Z Unknown Cache A Country Valley
  The original electronic jigsaw puzzle has disappeared - it was great concept. Lovely bike ride in the pine forest  

GC18EK0 Unknown Cache A Geocaching Drama in Three Acts
  Excellent puzzle - another Namadgi bike adventure  

GC1BPHP Multi-cache A Golden Number
  Subtle - I liked it  

GC2ABD Traditional Cache A Long Way To The Top
  Excellent Namadgi Adventure - open forest and firetrails to top of hill with alpine feel  

GC17BGN Traditional Cache A Mountain Somewhere
  tough rewarding walk! Namadgi Adventure  

GC14P6B Unknown Cache A Night At The Movies
  great puzzle  

GC1GB0Z Multi-cache A Path Tag Tour
  Wonderful views at gz  

GC1CV2N Unknown Cache A Profusion of Parrots
  great puzzle and the cache was awesome when I first visited  

GCFB3D Multi-cache A ride around the lake
  great journey - loved the gz  

GC1GJKW Unknown Cache A Special Spiral
  Amazing cache - great puzzle  

GC1A61X Traditional Cache A Way to Namadgi

GC1FA7N Unknown Cache A.C.T. and Qbyn Geocachers in disGUISE
  Great puzzle; lovely bike ride  

GCQJ50 Unknown Cache Abstract Chem 101
  AN AMAZING PUZZLE - much easier than you think  

GCYGNJ Unknown Cache Abstract Chem 11-33
  great puzzle, bike ride and location  

GCM1ZA Traditional Cache An Anagram of CORK
  a tough find - great camo  

GC9534 Virtual Cache Animal Antics
  Fun and different

Really enjoyed the location that was showcased
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