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Trav's Notables and All time favorites (shared, public)

List Owner: Tsmola

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This list consists of my most memorable or notable finds, some may be in famous places or just may be ones that instantly became some of my favorite caches. Not just in SW MI as with my other list, this is for anywhere. Only the best of the best will be listed here.

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GCHF03 Multi-cache Applesauce?? No, not applesauce
  As of today 6/19/06 this is my all-time favorite multi, it's a shame it's overlooked so often in favor of the nearby traditionals.  

GC10DGE Earthcache Bald Hill EarthCache
  This was a real "WOW I never knew this was HERE!" moment for me, only 10 miles from home, I've never seen anything else quite like this anywhere in this part of MI.  

GCXTPX Traditional Cache BIG BOY
  Rarely do I put a cache on my favorites lists just because of the container, this was one (BIG!)lol exception, I'm glad I was able to log this quickly becoming very famous cache.  

GC1EAFV Multi-cache Cache N Back II
  This one is decieving. The first 3 stages are easy P&G's then you get the last stage, which is anything but. Best multi I've done since Tiwica's Applesauce cache.  

GCDE1 Virtual Cache Capitol View
  Name pretty much says it all, great view in the evening especially.  

GCMDAX Virtual Cache Chicago's Water Tower
  Normally water towers aren't very interesting. Chicago's is, and fun to photograph too.  

GCJZDR Virtual Cache Cloud Gate aka The Bean
  Despite the fact that probably millions of people took the exact same kind of photos I did here, it's still a lot of fun to visit and photograph.  

GCB57D Virtual Cache Dawn of Aviation
  In case you haven't guessed by the title, this was the site of the Wright Brother's first flight. Pretty cool.  

GC29MB2 Traditional Cache Goose Step
  Just look at the Youtube videos by gvsu4msu and it should be apparent why this is on this list.  

GC806E Virtual Cache Just UpStream...!
  Tahquamenon falls...if you've never been there then you haven't truely seen much in the U.P.  

GCKKB5 Traditional Cache Lost Town of Fiborn
  Ghost Town in an abandoned quarry in the Upper Penninsula. Freaking awesome, best cache I've ever done in Michigan. Enough said.  

GC2792A Unknown Cache Mackinac Island Midnight Beast
  There's just something that's great about wandering the woods at night on an island with a good group of friends that makes a cache memorable.  

GCYPN2 Traditional Cache Michigan Spirit Quest #028
  This beautiful little Mackinac Island cemetery contains a lot of history including some shipwreck victims and the graves of numerous unknown soldiers.  

GCEF7 Project APE Cache Mission 7: Crab Creek (Project APE)
  Maryland: I found this piece of caching history just a few months before it dissapeared forever.  

GCTG87 Multi-cache One End of Route 66
  This one falls into the notables category of this bookmark just for the fact that a few hours after I found the cache I saw Patrick Swayze just down the street from the cache. How often do you see a famous person while caching?  

  Just a really big and cool fountain. Probably the biggest fountain I've ever seen.  

GCP8XJ Multi-cache Scuba Trek!
  This was a very unique cache experience mostly due to the way I found it with a huge group in January.  

GC25E1 Virtual Cache So We Will Remember Them
  The Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington DC, this is my all-time favorite virtual. If you go, take the owner's advice and try it at night, it's well worth it!  

GC116ZA Traditional Cache Spookhill
  Just an awesome little, out of the way hidden cemetery. The kind I never would have seen if not for Geocaching.  

GC268GK Traditional Cache The Crystal Crevasse
  MOGA 2010, I was co-FTF on this one with Team Geochef, Moldslug and kalkavekkian. A cool location and hunt that was made even cooler because we searched the wrong place initially.  
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