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CYBret's Top 10% - Most Memorable (shared, public)

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Personally I think a rating system for favorite caches would be so arbitrary that it would be useless. Favorite how? Best hikes? Best view? Quickest? Easiest? Best story involving dinner at a restaurant afterwards?

My top 10% are the caches that are most memorable. If you and I were having coffee and swapping caching stories, these are the stories I would likely tell you. This way you can read them all on my list without having to actually meet me or buy me coffee!

See? It's informative, entertaining AND convenient!

And day I will actually get this list up to 10%!

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GCGB3Z Traditional Cache 1,000 Acre Woods
  This one had it all: Beautiful location, great hide, horrible weather and a nice distraction on the phone. Any one of those can make a cache memorable, but this one put them all together very nicely.

It's a great old cache. I love the ones like this.

GC13TAK Traditional Cache 40 on 40 for 40 #16: Shades of Tricky Tree
  Uuughhh...shades is right! This one had me pokin' the container with a stick before AND after finding it. Kinda nasty little spot, but typical if you know the hider. ;-)  

GC13VKD Multi-cache 40 on 40 for 40 #40: The Big 4O
  What can I say about this one--or the whole series for that matter? I have some awesome friends. I don't know what I'd do without them! :-)  

GC1AN1V Multi-cache 5 C's
  A very fun multi. Sometimes the best ones are the simplest.  

GC5747 Virtual Cache A Head For Directions
  Virtuals are getting a little harder to find for me. Well...a LOT harder. So now it seems it's always special when I get one. This is one I've had on my list for a while and was glad to find I was close enough to get it!  

GC1J6XA Traditional Cache a pink moon between 2 buns
  I had a blast with this one and even commemorated it with a YouTube video: (visit link)  

GCF854 Virtual Cache A Wild Ride
  A virtual cache with a definite "wow factor!"  

GC11J1W Traditional Cache Are You Afraid of High Places?
  I always love caches where I get to take some cool pictures. This one had a great view in a really interesting spot.  

GCJ9A1 Traditional Cache Baltimore Wetland
  It's all a matter of how you approach the challenge. This cache was meant to be done by boat (or wading) but going on the nastiest, coldest day of the year is certainly another option.

As with so many others, the company made it even better.

GCZ4AN Multi-cache Barrel of Monkeys
  We had a blast finding this one as a family. It was a beautiful day and even though it was a LONG hike there were very few complaints.

Of course, I was carrying the smallest one on my shoulders for the whole three what's he got to complain about???

GCHEJQ Traditional Cache Beckley Furnace
  This one was a very cool one to find. What's even more cooler (more cooler??) is that since finding it I've managed to see several pictures of this location...and not all of them cache related.

See? More cooler!

GC12FPA Traditional Cache Big Ball of Paint
  What do I have to say? It's the world's largest ball of paint! What else do you need to know?!?!?!  

GC17WJN Traditional Cache Big Creek Iron Bridge
  Awesome little cache. Cool location. This is one of those gems that just really surprise you.  

GC11F5 Traditional Cache Big Pyle of Cache
  My first cache, and therefore VERY memorable. I had been reading for weeks about geocaching and knew exactly what to do. I took my daughter Megan with me and found this one after quite a bit of looking. Several years later and a couple thousand caches under my belt and I think I still would have been looking for this one for a while. Very good hide and a very cool container. I was sad when I heard it was stolen.

Oh, I also learned a valuable lesson about CITO'ing at roadside parks too...but I can't really go into that here.

GCJHRG Traditional Cache BINGO!
  This one was so memorable I stopped at it TWICE...maybe three times.

It's one of those caches that I recommended to people who were traveling through this area. I hated to see it go.

GCKXDZ Virtual Cache Birds, Bees, ...Stardust
  I had no idea whose graves I'd be visiting for this virtual. When I realized who they were I was surprised and amazed. I'm very glad to have seen these spots.  

GCB8 Traditional Cache Boilermaker Cache
  This cache was at the top of my list for a LONG time. Every time I ran a PQ it was the first cache I saw because it was the oldest. I finally took a trip north to do some caching and got it. There was something very satisfying about finally getting this cache off my list.  

GC78C8 Traditional Cache BRIDGE 1
  I found this one early on. It was quite an adventure. I remember the hike in was just absolutely beautiful. I'm pretty sure I didn't exactly see what I was supposed to see (I never really saw the bridge in fact), but that's OK...I found the cache and had a blast.  

GCRQQM Multi-cache Brouilletts Creek
  This was fun. What a blast!  

GC72D Traditional Cache BRUCE CACHE
  This was the first cache my wife ever accompanied me on. It was about a quarter mile walk back into the woods on a warm summer day and..oh..did I mention she was 8 months pregnant at the time?

It was a beautiful day, though. One of the first where I got multiple finds. I found four that day! You have to understand that back then that was a HUGE accomplishment!
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