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Geocaches Where Dead Bodies Have Been Found (shared, public)

List Owner: Lil Devil

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These are caches I've heard about through forum threads, direct emails and word-of-mouth. If you know of any others, please email me.

Please also see my bookmark list Geocachers Who Have Died While Geocaching

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GC4K4N3 Traditional Cache ( FORMERLY ) Luxello Texas area #1
  On April 30, 2015, a railroad worker found a dead body about 200 feet from the cache. The cache owner added a bunch of info about it to the cache description.  

GC31Q41 Traditional Cache Addiction #4
  On September 8, 2011, wildchld97 reported that there was an incident in the early 80s where "an unfortunate man got tied up with some gambling activites and was shot in the head and murdered somewhere nearby. His body was brought to this bridge and thrown off. His leg somehow got tangled in the ironwork and dangled there until he was found the next day by a man checking on his raccoon traps along the creek underneath."  

GC1DN54 Unknown Cache Aerial Intelligence - Baton Rouge
  On July 4, 2008, Camposyka approached the cache and at "about 115ft I stepped into a small clearing and got the shock of my life. There in front of me was a human skeleton! I did a double take thinking it was a left over Halloween prank or something like that but there was no denying it. This was a complete human skeleton wearing tennis shoes."  

GC2MBVP Traditional Cache All Creatures Great and Small (TB Hotel)
  On April 22, 2012, a body was found near the cache. This article says "it appeared the body had been there for a while" so it's surprising no one mentioned an odor in the logs.  

GC2086K Traditional Cache AMJC08 In The Waitaks (Auckland)
  In September 2010, a woman, or parts of her, was found in one of several concrete containers partially buried in the Waitakere Ranges, near this cache.  

GCGCBM Traditional Cache Anniversary Cache
  On April 21, 2007, jtbrew14u wrote "While on the way back to the pier Search and rescue brought a dead body up from the boat and loaded it into a truck. A boat was found drifting at sea the week before with all three crew missing. We are guessing that at least one has been found now."  

GCMA52 Traditional Cache Apsan Landing Pad
  Corpse looked as though it had been there for a week or two, it was covered with flies.
(visit link)

GC1J2FW Traditional Cache Big Blue River Series #1-Stockdale
  On November 15, 2008, Alien Bounty Hunter made the FTF while authorities were nearby searching for a boy who had drowned. The body was actually unfound at that point.  

GCVDCK Traditional Cache Bonham(former)Ranch, Warm Spring
  In July 2003, a man was murdered over a drug deal gone bad, and the body was rolled up in a carpet and hidden near the old house. This cache was hidden nearby in April 2006 and the body was discovered by scientists in August 2007.  

GCJ12W Multi-cache Boogie on the bayou
  On July 24, 2004, Big Doggy and aucoima were paddling the bayou towards this cache and saw what they thought was "a mannequin in the water and on their return the bayou was taped off by police and it turned out the mannequin was the body of a lady who had been missing for a couple of weeks.....she had missed the bridge and drove into the bayou."  

GC2T9RH Traditional Cache Buzzard Bait
  On April 23, 2011, Isonzo Karst arrived a few moments after a bicycle rider collapsed off his bike, and died before emergency responders arrived.  

GC16FP2 Traditional Cache Cache Mastery 407 – Physical Challenges (Otago)
  On February 6, 2008, hamsterman was walking home from this cache and found the remains of a lady that had been missing for a few days.  

GC24E99 Traditional Cache Curacao Travel Bug Port of Call
  On April 05, 2011, DrGaisbock and FX-Bird "found to [our] shock a dead body at the end of the road." tom k. came by later and "got stopped by the local police force on this one- thus the DNF. They had the road blocked off only a few feet from where I figured (from the ship) the cache should have been."  

GC103PJ Traditional Cache Death and Taxes
  This cache was intentionally hidden in a place where a state tax auditor's body was dumped.  

GC1KQMG Traditional Cache DRAGLINE
  On January 18, 2015, volunteers for a clean-up project found a decapitated body in the pond adjacent to this cache.  

GCXM7A Traditional Cache First Federal Road in the Northwest-1853
  On June 27, 2008, a woman befriended a pregnant woman and kidnapped her and cut the unborn baby out of the womb. The pregnant woman's body was dumped in Columbia Park near this cache. The other woman later contacted 911 because the baby wasn't doing well and was later arrested.  

GC1N571 Multi-cache Flat-Bottomed Boats of the Green River
  On June 05, 2009, TK7464 was unable to get to the cache site because of "Police Line Do Not Cross tape across the trail. ... It turns out there was a DB (Dead Body) - (Bloater and Floater) at the GZ so their was no way in getting to it today because of the investigation."  

GC2YG5A Traditional Cache Fred's Perch
  On May 01, 2012, Flintstone5611 heard that his own cache was very near a cordoned-off crime scene. Apparently human remains were found in a field near the cache.  

GC47JGT Traditional Cache Geo-Poker Run 2013 Cache #32
  On February 5, 2018, ceesmond was searching for this cache, and "almost tripped over a human skull, lying down the hill from GZ."  

GC3RQX6 Traditional Cache Gummi Bears - Grammi's Kitchen
  In September 2014 several cachers reported "a distinct smell of something in a state of decomposition" then in September 2015 some cachers found the source of the old smell when they "came across a skeleton of a human."  
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