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Active Caches Hidden in 2000 from 05/11/00 thru 12/31/00 (shared, public)

List Owner: ewenger

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Caches hidden in 2000 worldwide that are still active. Sorted by date hidden. To find all of my bookmarks for this series. Click on my user name at the top of this page. Then click on the "View Profile" button on the upper left side of that page. Click on the "LIST" tab at the top of that page, then scroll down to the bottom of the page to view my shared Bookmarks

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC30 Traditional Cache 05/11/2000 GC30
  Mingo (Kansas, United States)  

GC12 Traditional Cache 05/12/2000 GC12
  GC12 5/12/2000 (Oregon, United States)  

GC28 Traditional Cache 05/13/2000 GC28
  Beverly (Illinois, United States)  

GC3E Virtual Cache 05/18/2000 GC3E
  Lane Cove (New South Wales, Australia)  

GC39 Traditional Cache 05/26/2000 GC39
  The Spot (New York, United States)  

GC46 Traditional Cache 05/26/2000 GC46
  Geocache by Kevin Anderson (Wellington) (North Island, New Zealand)  

GC31 Traditional Cache 05/31/2000 GC31
  Arikaree (Kansas, United States)  

GC1D Traditional Cache 06/03/2000 GC1D
  Beaver Cache (Georgia, United States)  

GC43 Traditional Cache 06/03/2000 GC43
  Europe's First (Leinster, Ireland)  

GC16 Traditional Cache 06/04/2000 GC16
  GC16 6/4/2000 (Oregon, United States)  

GC1E Multi-cache 06/11/2000 GC1E
  Tour of Stone Mountain (Georgia, United States)  

GC53 Virtual Cache 06/15/2000 GC53
  Rift Valley (Kenya)  

GC25 Traditional Cache 06/17/2000 GC25
  Camels Prairie Stash (Idaho, United States)  

GC37 Traditional Cache 06/20/2000 GC37
  Missouri's First - Watts Mill (Missouri, United States)  

GC26 Traditional Cache 06/21/2000 GC26
  Two roads (Idaho, United States)  

GC27 Traditional Cache 06/21/2000 GC27
  Eggcellent (Idaho, United States)  

GCD Traditional Cache 06/21/2000 GCD
  Geocache (Washington, United States)  

GC1B Traditional Cache 06/27/2000 GC1B
  Gorilla Stash (Arkansas, United States)  

GCBBA Traditional Cache 06/28/2000 GCBBA
  Geocache--Canada's 1st geocache (Nova Scotia, Canada)  

GC18 Traditional Cache 07/02/2000 GC18
  Tarryall (Colorado, United States)  
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