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EVENTY II. (shared, public)

List Owner: PŘESEKA

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Přehled (nejen Jihočeských) eventů.

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC7991D Event Cache 🏊 NA JABLONECKE PREHRADE 🚣 (8/27/2017)

GC6T42B Event Cache 6. BPP /losovací/ - KLUB MALÝCH PIVOVARŮ ČB (9/30/2016)


GC6WWZZ Event Cache 🔥 GeoOhynek V 🔥 (4/30/2017)

GC7D6K7 Event Cache Meet & Greet Time for a Coffee Part II (12/8/2017)

GC6T0MJ Event Cache Muzeum knihy a knihtisku potřetí a naposled (10/22/2016)

GC7B2XJ Event Cache Policejni Polygon Zbiroh (10/28/2017)

GC764K1 Event Cache Robin Hood im Windhaag Forest (6/18/2017)

GC6RRPA Event Cache # 40 BGP (10/5/2016)

GC6YMR2 Event Cache (geo) Pub Qviz (1/28/2017)

GC74P58 Event Cache (K)night Bike Packing (6/17/2017)

GC6X03D Event Cache (Ne)vinne setkani u vina 100 (3/9/2017)

GC6ZQY1 Event Cache (Ne)vinne setkani u vina 103/1 (5/25/2017)

GC7CGZB Event Cache (Ne)vinne setkani u vina 117 - Vanocni (12/19/2017)

GC6AAB6 Event Cache (Ne)vinne setkani u vina 52/2 (4/14/2016)

GC6T8NR Event Cache (Ne)vinne setkani u vina 56/2 (12/1/2016)

GC6WR3Y Event Cache (Ne)vinne setkani u vina 74/2 (2/9/2017)

GC6AAB4 Event Cache (Ne)vinne setkani u vina 81/1 (3/31/2016)

GC6R945 Event Cache (Ne)vinne setkani u vina 90/1 (10/27/2016)

GC6ZMTF Event Cache (Ne)vinne setkani u vina 90/2 (4/6/2017)
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