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Tazmasized Cache a Day for 100 days - 16 July to 23 October 2011 (shared, public)

List Owner: tazmasized

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This list tracks my attempt at a cache a day for at least 100 straight days.

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC1914T Unknown Cache 000 NOT FOUND - yet - Heartland Challenge - A Cache a Day for 100 Days
  Putting this cache in the list  

GC2Y40H Event Cache 001 GeoWoodstock is coming home! (07/16/2011)
  Day 1 - while sitting at the gathering I decided it was time.  

GC2JDVZ Traditional Cache 002 Arlington, Not Virginia
  Moved here from Northern Virginia - about time I got this cache! Got lucky in suspecting the cache container. Well placed.

GC2WEBB Traditional Cache 003 Riding a Rail 12
  OOPS - should have saved this one for bad weather. Made me realize I need to plan these out a little.  

GCKEN2 Traditional Cache 004 Brandenburg Crossing #2 "Garnettsville Cemetery"
  Great history lesson. Need to hunt the rest of the series.  

GC1TFTQ Traditional Cache 005 When Funtopia is Closed....

GCRBZ7 Traditional Cache 006 Otter Creek
  Nice peaceful walk to a well placed cache.  

GC22Y6Q Traditional Cache 007 Just Let Me Hang!
  Cache was missing three days ago but CO replaced quickly. Cache container is bright and shiny useful object. It could be muggled quickly without camo tape. Nice unknown park though!!  

GC2JD6Z Traditional Cache 008 Do yourself a favor: Take a kid fishing!
  LOTS of ticks and a number of spider bites. VERY nice location. Found a hawk or owl feather near GZ.

GC2J94Y Traditional Cache 009 Look on the Bright Side
  Nicely placed cache. Can be quick. Can be hard.  

GC2MYXF Traditional Cache 010 A current Hide
  Second of this style I have found in the streak and it is only day 10.  

GC2WEC4 Traditional Cache 011 Riding a Rail 13
  Meant to save these but muggles were too close to my planned cache for today.  

GCRW61 Traditional Cache 012 Leave It To Beaver
  Great container, well placed in an enjoyable place to view the beaver's handiwork. Another great place that would have been missed without a cache!  

GC1YQWA Traditional Cache 013 Lost in the Parking Lot - Radcliff
  I have been driving with 400 feet of this cache since late 2009. Figured it was time to grab this one.  

GC1TEXA Traditional Cache 014 New Salem Cemetery ~ KSQ # 133
  Peaceful with a good view across the open space.  

GC1XVAM Traditional Cache 015 RRQ (EMF)
  Day 15 - embaressing that this matches my previous longest string of days caching. Fortunately for me, there great and friendly cachers in the area. Thought I would go with a Turtle cache today.  

GCJBXF Traditional Cache 016 Hollywood in the Heartland (Prison)
  So this is the first in the great series! Wish I had brought my camera along on this one. The place calls out for pictures.

Prior to today, my longest streak was 15 days in late 2008. Mid-September just became tough as my wife is having a knee replacement done then. Thank goodness there are still a number of George & Co's Riding a Rail series for those days.

GC2JD6X Traditional Cache 017 Get Ready
  Mighty hot. Cache was put back in place today by the CO. Probably should have saved this cache for later in the streak but this was the last of the caches placed in here in December. I saw Bike and Hike seeking "Does it stand alone?" as I drove by this evening.

I have been thinking about it the last few days. I have picked out for October 23 if my streak makes it to 100 days.

GC30CRT Traditional Cache 018 Wal at St. John
  As I approached I hoped the cache would the type it is versus another type. Blends well.  

GC2Y65R Traditional Cache 019 Giant Refreshment
  I have several interesting stories about Coca Cola bottling in E'town.  
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