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HoPri's caches for kids (shared, public)

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Kids-friendly caches are a blessing for geocaching parents... And they can be very enjoyable for the parents, too . Here is a list of what we call "kids-friendly" caches that we tested ourselves with whatever kids were available .

What does kids-friendly resp. "caches for kids" mean? This can vary widely, and it goes quite beyond the "kids-friendly" attribute.

Straight-forward criteria:
- A nice play-ground along the way
- Cache-tasks especially for kids
- Cache-story interesting for kids
- Special environment with lots of stuff interesting particularly for kids (like animals)

But we also include:
- Adventure caches, i.e. caches that feature the type of terrain or objects that we just loved in our youth (and mostly love today ).

IMPORTANT: Of course, not all caches are suitable for all ages of kids. Hence, we added an age indication: * for ages 1-6, ** for ages 6-12, *** for older kids

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GCFAD0 Multi-cache 1. Augsburg-Cache (*/**)
  A great place for kids: Waterfalls, playgrounds, a river, a lake, ducks to feed, and a jungle to explore. Just beware of the bicycles. Can be found in Augsburg/Germany/Europe.  

GCH2TH Multi-cache Alle eendjes zwemmen in het water (*/**)
  Lots of water birds to which you can get really close up and a scenic water castle help this little round make it on our list! Can be found near Kerkrade/Netherlands/Europe.  

GCK178 Multi-cache Arkanum XIV - Kunst (**/***)
  Perfect for a little family cycling tour through the beautiful Pfälzerwald... Can be found near Kaiserslautern/Germany/Europe.  

GCJ1MZ Multi-cache Die Wurmtal-Räuber (*/**)
  Just a little bit of public relations work in our own interest... Can be found near Aachen/Germany/Europe.  

GCACAA Traditional Cache Elfenring (**/***)
  Something for older kids: A nearly forgotten castle that can be explored. Don't miss the catacombs... Kids who must be kept from jumping off unfenced cliffs should be supervised quite closely, though. Can be found near Naustadt a.d. Weinstrasse/Germany/Europe.  

GCKX0Q Traditional Cache Em Petz sei Haisje (**/***)
  A huge bear cave, a waterfall and a hidden treasure! Doesn't that sound interesting to most kids? Just keep a good eye on them to avoid them falling off those cliffs . Can be found near Kaiserslautern/Germany/Europe.  

GCZ1RR Multi-cache Hexengelage am Omerbach (Nachtcache)
  Night caches can be a special experience for kids, and it's a lot of fun to follow a chain of reflectors through the dark of night. This one adds even some more spice to it by a nicely done story with well-done stages.  

GCK1GR Traditional Cache Kangaroo Picnic (*/**/***)
  I doubt that you can get any closer to wild kangaroos. Besides, there is a nice playground and the beach nearby... Can be found near Bundaberg/Queensland/Australia.  

GCK2HT Multi-cache Klenkes 04 - Anna, Karl und der Schatz des Baumes (**)
  Ok, this one hasn't the shortest route but the story is just right for kids! And a lot is to be explored along the way... Can be found near Aachen/Germany/Europe.  

GCHRA4 Traditional Cache Lost Valley of Caestert (***)
  This one is for the adventurous kids! Lots to explore in this truely lost place. But be aware that the caves are dangerous. Can be found near Maastricht/Netherlands/Europe but is close-by in Belgium.  

GCME7X Multi-cache Oberkasseler Höhlen (***)
  If you and your juniors are up to the terrain challenge then this one is for you. Do not under-estimate the terrain - and be aware of the warnings in the description. But then, this will be a great adventure. Can be found near Bonn/Germany/Europe.  

GCNY3N Multi-cache Ofenkaul (**/***)
  Wow, this is what I call a good adventure terrain! Don't forget to tell your kids all the interesting stories about the underground tunnels you have beneath your feet! Can be found near Bonn/Germany/Europe.  

GCNXXT Multi-cache Ofenkaul für Dreckspatzen (***)
  Your kids are bored by normal caches? Try this one! It's a thrill! Can be found near Bonn/Germany/Europe.  

GCJXGK Multi-cache Schatz des Werwolfs - Alt Kaster (*/**)
  There is no particular installation for kids here. But werewolves, old castles, a nice lake with ducks to watch, and paths that you can cycle all along really sound interesting to lots of kids! Can be found near Cologne/Germany/Europe.  

GCGR00 Traditional Cache Une autre vallée (*/**/***)
  What a fun place in summer time! Family "canyoning" at it's best in the middle of La belle Belgique . Can be found near Spa/Belgium/Europe!  

GCHCAN Traditional Cache Wasserschaupfad (**/***)
  An easy walk to a stunning place (at least if you start where we started). The final location is just the sort of adventure spot I loved when I was a boy... Can be found near Kaiserslautern/Germany/Europe.  

GCGD5X Multi-cache Woudlopers 6: Aards Paradijs (**/***)
  Well, this is not the typical cache for kids. But our son had a really great time . And with its elaborated physical tasks the cache may even be fun for kids in the more problematic age... Stamina required, though. Can be found near Genk/Belgium/Europe.  
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