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Oldest active Fl caches (shared, public)

List Owner: Isonzo Karst

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Florida's 20 oldest active caches, plus the oldest active cache of each type, and a link to the first cache placed in Florida, first CITO, and the first Meet and Greet event cache in Florida. There are five DOGBONE caches
five boat caches, and 3 caches in the Ocala National Forest. Hillsborough County (Tampa) and Duval County (Jacksonville) each have 4.

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GCFA Traditional Cache Christmas Cache
  12/25/2000 Collier This is the oldest active cache in Florida S
cache adopted and being actively maintained

One of 5 DOGBONE caches on this list

GCGAX8 Letterbox Hybrid Bald Cypress
  Duval Florida's oldest letterbox hybrid listed on a letterboxing site in '01, and on in spring '03 NE Florida
Cache has not been adopted, owner is absent, is being community maintained. The original box and stamp disappeared

GC51A Traditional Cache Bethesda Park
  3/21/2001 NE Duval
absent owner, community is maintaining

GC219 Traditional Cache Big Pine Cache - NE Florida
  2/4/2001 Duval cache adopted has active owner  

GC41C0 Unknown Cache Bring Some Flowers
  03/12/2002 Okeechobee Florida's oldest active Mystery cache, this is actually a Virtual.
The distinction between boxless and physical caches were not being made in early 2002

GC1155 Traditional Cache Cache Clowns - Welcome Mat
  07/14/2001 Marion County Ocala National Forest community keeping this one going no owner  

GC936D Webcam Cache Cache your breath here!
  This is the oldest webcam in Florida 9/25/2002
Monroe, Key West
original cache owner still active

GC7AF Traditional Cache da dog 'yaks

Marion County Ocala National Forest Central FL adopted and being actively maintained.
another hydro cache, another DOGBONE cache
Still has the original logbook

GCMGDG Earthcache Digging Phosphate in Bone Valley Earthcache
  Jan 14 2005, FL first earthcache Polk  

GC1333 Traditional Cache Flatwoods Park Well House
  07/29/2001 adopted, active owner oldest physical cache in Hillsborough county  

GC5A6 Traditional Cache Fort Clinch Bike Path
  3/29/2001 Duval NE Florida
adopted active owner

GC3744 Multi-cache Glades County - 23 Nails
  Florida's oldest active multi cache 2/3/2002 Glades county (just like in the title ;-) SW FL
Original cache owner still actively maintains this hide
Pingy Head South GC15FF is a multi, and older, but it changed type, it started as a Traditional

GC1621 Traditional Cache Hagan & Craig Cache
  08/12/2001 Marion County, Ocala National Forest adopted a couple of times... as of Jan 2019, current owner seeking someone to adopt  

GCF15 Traditional Cache Hobo's Camp
  7/6/2001 Miami-Dade SE FL

GC12F8 Virtual Cache Lightning's striking again & again
  no owner Hillsborough County  

GC14A1 Virtual Cache Lunar Madness
  Hillsborough County  

GC10FB Virtual Cache Magic Kingdom
  Disney, Orange county 7/3/2001

GCF57 Traditional Cache Manatee Moonlight Madness Cache
  7/7/2001 Manatee county SW FL hydro cache has gone through a couple of adoptions, currently (2017) has active owner

GC3CE Traditional Cache Matanzas cache
  3/4/2001 Lee county SW Florida
original owner maintaining this cache - 2006 the original hide was altered to fit the Lee County Parks geocaching requirements

GC767 Traditional Cache Monkey Madness
  4/21/2001 East Central FL - Brevard Wickham park
community maintained
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