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Solid-Rock-Seekers' Favorite Locationless Caches (shared, public)

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We have loved doing locationless caches. Here are some of our favorites of those we have completed. You can click on the date field in the log entry to go straight to our log for that locationless cache.

(We considered rank ordering these somehow, but each has been fun for different reasons that makes ordering them difficult. Accordingly, we've simply left them in alphabetical order!)

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC9A0E Locationless (Reverse) Cache Aqueducts Akimbo (Locationless, Boatable) - Rexford Aqueduct, Rexford, NY
  17 June 2004 - Another intriguing piece of American History as a result of a locationless cache.  

GC5CF6 Locationless (Reverse) Cache Bridges That Move! - Grand Trunk RR Bridge, Portland, ME
  26 July 2004 - We have dozens of hours invested in logging this cache, from initial research to locate the bridge, visiting the various locations to get the best photos, and then researching the history of the bridge.  

GC75E3 Locationless (Reverse) Cache Carillon Cache - Samuel Lester Fuller Carillon, Andover, MA
  23 May 2004 - Traveling to find this carillon was our first major trip to go after any geocache, locationless or otherwise!  

GC597C Locationless (Reverse) Cache Dash for Cache!
  31 December 2005 - 50 Different targets over the life of the locationless cache. Visit the link at the left to read about the 20 targets we found.  

GC60CF Locationless (Reverse) Cache Dead 'Federate Cache
  30 December 2005 - Who would have believed that there is a Confederate soldier buried in Rhode Island?  

GC5329 Locationless (Reverse) Cache Diners Club - Peterboro Diner
  30 June 2004 - This locationless cache involved everything we enjoy about locationless caches -- research, trying to find the location, learning some interesting history, and taking photos -- the great food was an awesome bonus! We also regularly use this cache along with boulter's Coordinate Distance Calculator to figure out where to eat when going caching!  

GC9544 Locationless (Reverse) Cache For Valor - Medal of Honor Recipient, MSgt Gary Gordon
  17 July 2004 - We enjoy locationless caches partly because of what we learn in doing them. We learned of true courage, commitment, and sacrifice in researching the story of Congressional Medal of Honor winners. We were honored to be able to log the story of one of these American Heroes, MSgt Gary Gordon of Lincoln, Maine.

Let us never forgot the price paid for our freedom.

GC6779 Locationless (Reverse) Cache Frank Lloyd Wright - Toufic H. Kalil House, Manchester, NH
  27 June 2004 - Another locationless cache requiring extensive research to locate and then eventually find. The hunt for this location exemplifies our liking of locationless caches.  

GC539D Locationless (Reverse) Cache Grave of a Famous Person - Matthew Thornton, Signed Declaration of Independence
  19 May 2004 - So much history to learn from doing locationless caches! Without locationless caches, I may have never realized I regularly drive right by the final resting place of one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence!  

GC50E0 Locationless (Reverse) Cache 'H' Is For Highpoint - Pack Monadnock, Hillsborough County, NH
  19 June 2004 - Finding and logging this locationless cache involved a 9-mile through-hike including three separate peaks. Did anyone ever say that locationless caches aren't strenuous?  

GC8265 Locationless (Reverse) Cache Lexington Alarm! - Capt. Reuben Dow, Hollis, NH
  20 September 2005 - This locationless cache is memorable because the local history we researched in order to make this find reminded us of the tremendous cost of our freedom. Indeed, we found so many interesting stories that we couldn't fit all the information in one log, and also posted a note with more info! This cache has definitely made us reflect upon whether or not we would be so quick to answer the call!  

GC55C6 Locationless (Reverse) Cache Mondo's Biggest Cache - Keene Pumpkin Festival
  23 Oct 2004 - We attended the Keene Pumpkin Festival, which set the Official Guinness World Record for the "Most Jack-O'-Lanterns in One Place At One Time." (An added bonus was our beloved Red Sox embarking on Game #1 of the World Series against the St. Louis Cardinals.)  

GC4A5A Locationless (Reverse) Cache Railroad Locationless: Depots - Amoskeag Station, Manchester, NH
  27 June 2004 - We don't always log the first location we think or even the first that we visit and photograph when logging locationless caches. I researched two other local former railroad depots before deciding upon this one as more historically significant. Actually locating the former depot required a fair bit of hunting!  

GC6389 Locationless (Reverse) Cache Railroad Locationless: Merci Boxcars
  30 December 2005 - This locationless cache is not only a wonderful history lesson, but resulted in the successful discovery of all the remaining Merci Boxcars -- we don't think the locations of all of these historical artifacts had been compiled in one place until geocachers became involved. There was just so much to learn about the Rhode Island Merci Boxcar that we couldn't fit our log into the 4000 character limit, and had to continue our log into a second and third entry.  

GC748C Locationless (Reverse) Cache Raising Presidents - Birthplace of Franklin Pierce
  13 August 2005 - Tracking down the birthplace of Franklin Pierce involved research on the Internet, at our library, and the Hillsborough Historical Society, as well as visiting four different locations to take photos!  

GC6B01 Locationless (Reverse) Cache Ride the Underground Railroad - Deacon Moses Cheney Home, Peterborough, NH
  11 July 2004 - Researching and locating this locationless cache has almost surely been our most extensive "hunt" for any cache we have every completed. We made multiple trips to Peterborough, spent hours researching on the Internet, and searched through old books and old maps at the Peterborough Historical Society and Peterborough Library. What we learned, though, was well worth it!  

GC566B Locationless (Reverse) Cache Sacred Structures - First Congregational Church of Merrimack - Merrimack, NH
  20 June 2004 - We didn't spend long finding the building for this locationless cache (it's our church!) but we did spend a lot of time researching and logging the history of the building!  

GC7769 Locationless (Reverse) Cache Stone Bridges of the World - Chamberlain Bridge, Merrimack, NH
  27 May 2004 - I never previously realized that one of the bridges I cross every day on my way to work is a historic stone bridge. Was I ever surprised to find that I was living amidst so much history!  

GCD66F Locationless (Reverse) Cache Suspension Bridges for Pedestrians Only - Swing Bridge, Milford, NH
  20 May 2005 - We searched many different resources for an unlogged pedestrian suspension bridge before accidentally learning of this great historic bridge less than ten miles from our house!  

GC505B Locationless (Reverse) Cache The Chameleon Cache
  21 December 2005 - The "Lyrical Locations" target for this cache was *so* appropriate for Mr. Seeker that it must be included on our "Favorite Locationless" list!  
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