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We regularly feature special series on our social media channels and in our newsletter. The aim of this is to share them with the wider geocaching community and celebrate the COs who have put in that extra bit of effort.

All the caches in this Bookmark List are the first (or grand finale) of a Featured Series. We hope you will add them to your To Do list!

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GC6CM4Z Multi-cache A - Amour (Warwickshire)
  This series consists of eleven two-stage Multi caches. Many of the first stages are creative and ingenious, providing you with the coordinates for each cache… all of which are ammo boxes! The walk takes you through some pleasant and peaceful Warwickshire countryside, which makes the series even better.  

GCHJN4 Unknown Cache Alchemy Quest (Staffordshire and Shropshire)
  This series has amassed over 300 favourite points. Each cache represents a chemical element or compound, and contains half the coordinates to another cache. By continuing to find the caches and combining the coordinates found within them, it is eventually possible to reach the elusive final, Gold.  

GC2M97J Traditional Cache Alphabet Soup (Derbyshire)
  A series of 26 caches. It is a beautiful (hilly) walk of almost 10 miles, with several outstanding caches - in fact, the series has amassed a total of 2,734 favourite points, with the first cache being one of the most favourited in the country (390). This series really is a must do… you won’t be disappointed!  

GC5W4C1 Unknown Cache Arbor (Suffolk)
  A series of 8 Multi caches (and a Bonus). It is located within Lynford Arboretum, near Santon Downham, Suffolk. It includes some excellent containers, and has received lots of praise. It's so good that it was a finalist in the ‘Best Individual Series’ category of the National Geocaching Awards back in 2016. A must-do!  

GC81M0N Traditional Cache Beamish Burn Circular (County Durham)
  A circular walk, consisting of 28 caches, including a Church Micro, Earthcache and two Little Bridges. There's a nice long stretch through the woods, and once you're done there's even a nearby open air museum you can visit!  

GCZ2JM Unknown Cache Behind Enemy Lines (Shropshire)
  A series in North Shropshire, with all of the caches located near old WW2 airfields. The caches are split between three alert levels, with each level providing you with the details to find the next level's caches. It’s possible to complete the series in one day - if you do, your name will be added to the ‘Hall of Fame’.  

GC8VWE4 Unknown Cache Birmingham Bully (West Midlands)
  A 91-cache geoart series has taken Birmingham by storm. It includes puzzles of all difficulties. The series also has an associated website: (visit link)  

GC2TECY Traditional Cache Borrowdale Triangle (Cumbria)
  The walk takes in Cat Gill, Walla Crag and Ashness Bridge, with a total of 10 caches to find. There are some great views to enjoy, including over Derwent Water. Overall, a cracking series which deserves to be added to your To Do list!  

GC8VC3K Traditional Cache Canalus Horribalanus (Cheshire)
  A series of over 100 caches set along the canals in Cheshire, running along the Trent and Mersey from just outside Stoke on Trent to Middlewich, where one branch carries on, whilst another goes onto the Shropshire Union Canal. With a wide range of D/T ratings this is a good one for those of you wanting to fill your D/T grid.  

GC17878 Multi-cache Church Micro (Nationwide)
  The largest geocache series in the world, with over 12,000 caches. This is a national series, in which caches are placed near churches. We spoke the creator of the series, Steve (sadexploration), in Seeker Issue 11. He says “I think the main reason they [Church Micros] have caught on so well is they are generally placed at a ‘point of interest’, which, after all, is what Geocaching is all about” So, go and find a Church Micro to discover a beautiful church near you, and why not find somewhere to place one of your own!  

GC5209K Unknown Cache Codes,Cyphers+Secret Messages (Southern Scotland)
  Codes,Cyphers+Secret Messages is a series of 18 puzzle caches near Edinburgh, Scotland. It set within the lovely Dalkeith Country Park. Our three articles on cyphers, codes and strange alphabets in Seeker magazine #36, #37 and #38 might help you when you're trying to solve the puzzles. Overall, this is an enjoyable series that we're happy to recommend!  

GC6Z6DF Unknown Cache Dark Cache (Northern Scotland)
  Over 100 challenging puzzle caches. While a number of them have a difficulty rating of 5, others are relatively easier (as low as 1.5). There is some lovely scenery to enjoy while you're out and about visiting the cache locations.  

GC8X62C Unknown Cache D'oh! (Cambridgeshire)
  Geoart series by Ryo62 in Cambridgeshire. This route consists of both questions and jigsaw puzzles to work out and retrieve the coordinates for each route.  

GC7TYA7 Multi-cache First 50 Heroes (Midlands)
  The First 50 Heroes series celebrates the first fifty volunteers from the Coalville area to take part in the Great War of 1914-18. Each geocache commemorates a real volunteer and describes his activities during the Great War. The GAGB are working with the project to help them coordinate the series.  

GC7H5JB Multi-cache FYI (Nationwide)
  FYI (For Your Information) is a growing national series, in which caches are based around information boards or plaques. The aim is to take the geocacher to a point of interest and encourage them to read and discover things that would not typically be revealed by an ordinary cache. As such, a large number are Multi Caches requiring you to find details on the board to calculate the coordinates of the final cache. If you are interested in placing your own FYI cache, visit the website below for more details.  

GC93M4Y Unknown Cache Geo Hound (Cambridgeshire)
  Who let the dogs out? (Spoiler alert: it was Thallams)! A geoart series around Grafham Water, Cambridgeshire. The series comprises of 71 caches, all puzzles.  

GC7EY0G Multi-cache GHOST HOSPITAL (Nationwide)
  A national series, which is still in its early days. It brings cachers to former hospital sites with a historical aspect. There are currently two in London, three in Surrey, three in Buckinghamshire and one on the Isle of Wight.  

GC4AWN3 Traditional Cache Great Cotswold Walk (Gloucestershire)
  A large series of 130 caches in Gloucestershire. It can be split into three loops. It is a lovely walk, with long stretches along the River Coln. It also passes through some beautiful villages, including Bibury.  

GC7E5VN Traditional Cache Halloween Haunt (Eastern England)
  Now archived, but keeping for the record. This was a short linear walk with 6 caches. There were several novelty containers.  

GC7Z47J Traditional Cache Happy Halloween! (Nottinghamshire)
  A series of 14 caches (including a Bonus), set out on a circular walk near Cotgrave, Nottinghamshire. Each container has a spooky theme, so it's the perfect series to complete tomorrow or later this week!  
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