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'Snomocaching' in the Nort Woods (shared, public)

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So you may ask, "What exactly is snomocaching?" It is something we started doing in 2007 during "The Great Northwoods Treasure Hunt" in which we combined two fun winter past-times: caching and snowmobiling.

In 2008, 'refelo' coined the phrase when his team found "Star Bay Monster 2" (GC150K9) after we both had visited the island via snowmobiles.

So we want to offer here a list of geocaches that are 'doable' via snowmobile and are either right off the snowmobile trail(s) or can be reached with some hiking with boots or snowshoes.

Remember, be prepared and always check trail conditions and DNR reports for ice-safety.

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC19YQ6 Traditional Cache "Snomocaching" in the Nort Woods
  This is an easy pezy one. A 'sled up' and grab.  

GC2N4ZP Traditional Cache "Snow" Let's Have Fun!
  This one is a very eazy peezy slide up and grab. Very winter friendly for those who seek it. Very close to the Fortress of Solitude.  

GCXJR3 Traditional Cache 1888 was a good year...
  This is an easy pezy one - sled up and grab. Very winter friendly.  

GC1FCJ2 Traditional Cache 360 Degree Lake View
  Another cache to fwe found during the 2008-2009 snowmobile season. Yeah. This one took two trips to the Island and a t-o-n of digging. Be sure to visit Fibbers on the north end of the lake to warm up and have some great food! One of our favorite stops!  

GC1BHQ3 Traditional Cache 7th Grade Youth Group
  Yeah, this one is very doable via snomocaching. Rode the sled to about 170 feet.  

GC32M6E Traditional Cache Abbey and the Bear
  Found this in Feb 2012. Did our snow machine approach via hardwater. Cache hide a fairly nice winter friendly cache. A nice spot for a geo picnic.  

GC2GZQ6 Traditional Cache And The Little Guy Makes Five
  A new cache for the 2010 Snomocaching season placed by our geo-friends cbiij. Look forward to seeking this one.  

GC1X5TK Traditional Cache Animals in the Last Wilderness
  Very winter friendly. Quite close to the trail. We did this one mid-January 2012....about 240 feet or so off the trail....gotta do some half-steppin' depending on snow depth. Easy to find in winter.  

GC1GGZM Unknown Cache Bear's Pot of Gold
  Not too far off the trail and (the final) it is very winter friendly.
Depending on snow cover it will cover some half-stepping during the sledding season.

GCXJQT Traditional Cache Bearskin Booty
  You can get within about 50 feet or so of this one on your sled. Might want to bring some 'digging' utensils to use on this one as it may not be too 'winter friendly' depending on snow cover. A great trail if the conditions are right.  

GC2EPVJ Traditional Cache Bearskin Rapids
  Right on the Bearskin Trail. A few feet down from the trail. Watch your footing near the water. We used a geo-tool for some digging to get the BINGO. Found in Feb 2010.  

GCD8E Traditional Cache Big Arb Ruins
  This was our very first snomocaching find. The trail is marked across the lake.  

GC2GZR7 Traditional Cache Big Man on Campus
  A new cache for the 2010 Snomocaching season placed by our geo-friends cbiij. Look forward to seeking this one.  

GC3Q1AP Traditional Cache Big St. Germain Boat Landing
  Got to this one by sled in Feb. 2013. Winter friendly. You sled up to this one from the trail side (road) or from the lake side. After this one we went just down the street to Fibber's for some tasty food.  

GC1PMG3 Traditional Cache Bike Trail North - Boulder Junction
  Adding this one to the bookmark list in 2010. By sled you can park and get withing about 380 feet of GZ so yeah this one is doable for the experienced snomo cacher. Note: It helps to have winter caching expereince here.  

GC3DAKJ Traditional Cache Bridge to Nowhere
  Easy to get to by snow-machine. Pretty much winter friendly. Watch your footing and don't block the bridge with your sleds.  

GC2HYD0 Traditional Cache BSA Troop 672 Bike Ride
  While quite not right of the trail it is close by a couple of hundred feet south of the trail.  

GC11MF4 Traditional Cache Burns and Allen
  This is an eazy pezy sno-mo cache here. This one is a classic as it is refelo's very first hide in the Nort Woods. Enjoy!  

GC2B97X Traditional Cache By Land or Sea
  You can do this by land, sea or SNOW too!

GC22JEB Traditional Cache Cedar Fall
  Off the snowmobile trail and down. Requires some half steeping.
If you have some winter caching experience this one will give a go for it.
Watch you footing on the way down and up. Enjoy!
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