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The Blondie Bloodhounds' MOST Clever Hides! (shared, public)

List Owner: Sparse Grey Hackle

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Now after you been caching for awhile you can begin to truly appreciate and value clever hides. This is a list of those caches that to us demonstrate creativity, ingenuity and most of all IMAGINATION! This is what caching is all about. Our team applaudes those who give us a cache that makes us say, "Wow, that was a cool hide!"
TFTC that are so inventive and creative.

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GCRQEZ Traditional Cache (Front) End of the (Green Bay) Road
  A clever little hide. Unexpected. Might doing consider this concept. Thanks Team QWERTY.  

GCVXQA Traditional Cache 9th street boat landing
  A unique hide indeed. TFTC Team Bear Bear  

GCVV7Q Traditional Cache ALGOMA
  So very clever! Thanks!  

GCW7E0 Multi-cache Armitage Park Micro
  Well, well well. Who would of ever thought. The second time was the charm on this one. Very, very clever hide this one was.  

GC1708J Multi-cache Asher Man's Seldom Seed

GCR81Q Traditional Cache Big Sty Country
  As had been said, "Cleaver, very cleaver of a hide."  

GC107VD Traditional Cache Cache Drawer
  Good execution of the cache container. Nice twist upon the theme. Well done and MOST clever.  

GC1DC1G Unknown Cache Camelback Cinema | The Passings of Mr Pink
  Oh so fun to find this one. Well done.  

GCW6Z6 Traditional Cache Clinton's Secret
  The team was all smiles and amazed at the creativity for this hide! Great job Team Bear Bear.  

GCWT2K Traditional Cache Dead End: Hog Heaven
  Now, this is a very well done "Most Clever Hide" here to the bookmark.
Great job WPee & mapp

GC1AVTH Traditional Cache Dead End: No Service
  Cleaver, cleaver here.  

GC1ZAME Traditional Cache Dead End: X Marks the Spot
  Great clue. Great hide. BakRdz very clever.
Not your typical dead end type hide. Very nicely done.
A good one to ponder and reflect upon.

GCXFZR Traditional Cache Gandy Dancer -- Extra Crispy!!!!!!
  Very well done and executed here by the BeadeLake Crew.
Took lots of pixs of this one. Would like to replicate this hide!

GC1HM85 Traditional Cache Gandy Dancer -- The Bat Cave Dec 08 COM
  This one is MOST CLEVER. OMG.
Very nicely done what fun. Even though we had just saw a black bear nearby we just HAD to see this one.

GC1QEGV Traditional Cache Ghost Train
  Very nicely done. Great craftsmanship. Excellent.  

GC2FWHE Traditional Cache Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread - III
  Nice execution and workmanship on this container. Well done MercInc  

GCRF7A Traditional Cache Grandpa's Computer Cache
  This one took quite a bit of thought and efforts to accomplish the final effect. And, this has to be the LARGEST cache we have encountered to date. We had huge smiles on when we saw the cache. Kudos!  

GC1FWM0 Traditional Cache Hortonville Mill
  Now, this was something different and you don't see this every day.  

GC13PWE Traditional Cache How Much Wood Could a Woodchuck Chuck 3
  A very clever and well executed hide indeed. Must of been a hoot to do! Kudos to Team Bear Bear and the head Woodchuck.  

GC1PFYV Traditional Cache Hunter's Point Hollow
  Certainly one that will bring a smile to your face....when you find it!  
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