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NYPL: The Series (shared, public)

List Owner: New Market Mallers

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My series of NYPL caches currently active in Manhattan (14) and Staten Island (1). There are currently 15 caches in the series (8 multi caches, 4 unknown caches, 2 letterboxes and 1 Wherigo). Please note that one of the caches is temp disabled while renovations are being done at that branch.

***If you find at least 6 NYPL caches you qualify for the Level 1 (bronze) pathtag that I had created for this series. If you find at least 12 NYPL caches you qualify for the Level 2 (silver) pathtag as well! Just send me a note if you think you qualify and I will get the pathtag(s) to you.

Happy caching!!

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC6K7C5 Letterbox Hybrid NYPL: All you need is LOVE
  With the LOVE sculpture removed for maintenance, this cache is temporarily known as I really HOPE you LOVE this geocache! Cachers will visit the HOPE sculpture until further notice, but the cache still works the same and the final is still in the same place.  

GC7834X Letterbox Hybrid NYPL: Box + Letter = Letterbox

GC6TA4N Multi-cache NYPL: Castle? Courthouse? Prison?
  This branch is going through renovations, so not all of the areas are open to the public. As such, there is a different twist on the field puzzle until further notice. This incredible building is still well worth the visit.  

GC69PHG Multi-cache NYPL: Cruise on in for a cache

  The CO of this cache is leckylove. A great edition to the series!  

GC6EJEF Multi-cache NYPL: Marilyn Monroe

GC7TWBB Wherigo Cache NYPL: Murray Hill Tour

GC7CX00 Unknown Cache NYPL: New Amsterdam Travel Bug Hotel
  This branch is going through renovations so it will be closed for a number of months. Once the branch re-opens, this cache will be available again.  

GC5TD9V Multi-cache NYPL: Patience and Fortitude

GC6MFV3 Multi-cache NYPL: Robert De Niro

GC6XJ1N Multi-cache NYPL: Roosevelt Island

GC696K0 Unknown Cache NYPL: Stapleton's Puzzle Cache
  The first entry in the series located on Staten Island. opps is the CO of this one.  

GC7WZ39 Multi-cache NYPL: The Basilica of Old St. Patrick's Cathedral

GC6NB34 Multi-cache NYPL: The Berlin Wall in NYC
  This cache was archived when the pieces of the Berlin Wall were moved from their previous location. A new cache was set up at the same branch with a new theme.  

GC5RNGJ Unknown Cache NYPL: The Chrysler Building

GC6GKY5 Unknown Cache NYPL: The Zoo

GC6K7CN Multi-cache NYPL: Under Cover
  This cache was archived since the manhole cover that the field puzzle was based on was removed by the city. This is the 2nd time that this has happened in the series. However, once again a new cache was set up at the same branch with a new theme.  
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