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This is supposed to be a more or less complete list of all my favorite caches that I had the pleasure of logging during my first 5 years of caching. It can be seen as a guidebook for cachers from all walks of life which will hopefully provide a lot of fun suggestions and help people seek out some truly special finds.

Since early 2011 I've been fortunate enough to visit 20 countries, go on several memorable caching trips with friends and family, and record close to 3800 finds. However, I truly hope that my 30s will open up more opportunities to travel and geocache in a variety of places around the globe.

Stay tuned for continued additions to a list that will never be an exhaustive account of the awesomeness that lies out there, hidden in the geocaching world . . .

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GC89F9 Virtual Cache "the Big Hill"
  If you happen to find yourself in County Mayo looking for a unique nature experience, Clare Island is by far and away my top recommendation. This small island (20min ferry ride Roonah Quay) is the perfect destination if you're interested in taking a step back from everyday life.

I went to C.I. by myself in September of 2015 and got extremely lucky. Perfect weather and some encounters with the lovely locals enriched my experience immensely. My geocaching experience stretched over only about 8 hours but it was one of the most rewarding times I ever had. I took a taxi out to the western section of the island (15€) and hiked from GC89F7 to the summit of Mt. Knockmore, where I logged "the Big Hill". The views up there where unfathomably breathtaking and awe-inspiring. In the distance Croak Patrick reminded me of the physical strains I had gone through the day before, but it was all worth it at this point.

Nuff said! This island is a magical place! Go see for yourself!!


GC4CRPD Unknown Cache :D DUS International TB-Hotel
  Behind this simply mystery hides a truly unique container in a high-profile setting. Bring a few travel bags and be prepared to have your mind blown ;)  

GC2F23Z Traditional Cache 1EF - Abri de Vekring
  Certainly not a cache for everyone but if you love lost places and can handle huge WWII bunkers this might be the place for you. There are about half a dozen similar structures in the immediate surroundings but only about half of them are accessible. Bring boots, flashlights, lots of batteries and DO NOT EVER ATTEMPT THIS BY YOURSELF!!! If you follow these rules you are in for a treat of epic proportions!  

GC2YEG8 Traditional Cache 21,5 Millionen Exemplare
  This is what geocaching is all about in my eyes. Finding an unsual and quirky location, and using a cache to show it to others. Great cache that will bring a smile to your face. I promise! :D  

GC1AGHB Unknown Cache 24
  This multi-mystery is an adventure like no other. Seriously!! You have to be an experienced cacher with a strong team behind you to successfully master this iconic cache. Expect to spend several hours to prepare for this 6-7 hour odyssey through the night-time setting of downtown Frankfurt.

Many have tried, many have failed . . . but it is one of the most intense and rewarding caching experiences you will ever have. Not to be taken lightly!! German language skills absolutely necessary!

GC2R4YB Wherigo Cache Ausbrecher-Cache-Asperg
  Even though I have only completed close to 25 Wherigo Caches this was definitely one of the best ones so far. The setting is one of a kind for a WIG and the clever story is incorporated to perfection. If I remember correctly it used to be a German language only WIG but better check for yourself prior . . .  

GCM35N Webcam Cache Beach Paradise
  A webcam right by the beach where you can draw creative messages in the sand . . . what's not to love!! We thoroughly enjoyed our visit in the early hours of a crips January morning back in 2013. Oh, and it's the only one of its kind in all of Belgium. Another incentive ;)  

GCXKWY Multi-cache Brugge : Belle Lettere
  A great cache to get to know the city of Brugge better. Back in 2013 we completed it late in the evening and enjoyed the very special atmosphere the city has to offer.  

GC240KM Letterbox Hybrid Das Weimarer Viergestirn - Letterbox und TB-Hotel
  This letterbox hybrid is still my favorite one to this day. Back in 2012 we decided to walk in the footsteps of Germany's literary elite at nighttime and had an amazing time throughout. The generous final is an absolute treat and perfectly placed! Visit one of the many pubs afterwards!  

GC3GDE6 Wherigo Cache Der Rock ist fott
  An infamous Wherigo in the heart of Trier, the oldest town in Germany. You should be fluent in German to follow the instructions that will lead you to and past almost every important sight. Furthermore, there are quite a few fun twists that will keep bringing a smile to your face . . .  

GC35V52 Multi-cache Der Teufel vom Hunnenring! Nachtcache!
  A memorable night cache that ultimately leads you to sacred celtics remains. It can get foggy at times in the area which will result in a spooky atmosphere. It is a bit of a hike and you should definitely wear sturdy shoes! As with most other multi caches in the area, you will have to know German to successfully complete it...  

GC4FVJA Letterbox Hybrid Die Geheimnisse des Treptower Parks
  This fantastic letterbox hybrid takes you on a long journey through one of the most appealing parks in Berlin. It is deeply rooted in the fascinating history of the city, taking you to numerous impressive locations. Make sure to bring enough time as this one will take around 3 hours to complete. At the end of the rainbow awaits a real treat!  

GC24JQF Earthcache Etna Vulcanos
  Obviously one of the most imposing and breathtaking volcanos on the planet and for me, still, the cache with the highest elevation. You don't necessarily have to make it up to 2900 meters but the views are out of this world. Be careful when booking a tour guide and/or jeep. There are a few operators looking to rip you off! Check references!  

GC43 Traditional Cache Europe's First (04 Cliff Walk Series)
  In combination with the Bray Cliff Walk Europe's First is an absolute must. The landscape is relatively rugged and offers a very pure hiking experience and is very appealing, not only during hours of sunshine. Make sure to pick up a few other caches along the walk!  

GC2QCYG Multi-cache Experience the.... ?
  An unusual lost place multi cache with a single stage and final. It might seem confusing at first but the final location will provide some potentially unique and fascinating perspectives. We were there in the winter right before sunset and were quite taken by the spot.  

GC223VT Traditional Cache Felsenanlage Wallerfangen (Verschärft)
  A unique crawling and climbing experience even for those without the usual gear and skills. A medium waistline and a bit of caution is necessary to reach the container. Long and sturdy clothes (and possibly kneepads) make things significantly more comfortable. Also, bring a flashlight and ideally a head-light!  

GC1C6 Traditional Cache First Dutch
  This oldie is located in a setting like you (probably) haven't seen before. As you approach the final location you will have to pass through some of the most imposing inland sand dunes you have ever seen. It almost feels like you're on a different planet.

Once you've reached GZ make sure to closely follow the instructions. Otherwise you might find yourself poking around in the dark for a while . . .

GC11JM6 Traditional Cache Geist des Hagen
  The reputation of this traditional has spread across international borders and for good reason. It is unlikely that you have seen anything like it before or will after. We visited this spot at night and our experience was certainly intensified in the dark. Without giving too much a way... go see for yourself, bring a little time for the walk and don't forget to visit the bonus cache (GC11EJ5) afterward!  

GC40 Traditional Cache Geocache
  Another cache that hardly needs any more introduction. The oldest cache on mainland Europe and a nice one to have in your collection. I first visited the spot in January 2013 and again in March 2015.  

GCPJ24 Webcam Cache Goethe, Schiller and you!
  Probably one of my favorite webcam caches. You will be in the company of the two of the brightest minds this country has seen. Also a plus: the webcam refreshes every few seconds, so you won't have to wait for longer stretches. At night the square is illuminated beautifully and you will still be able to get a surprisingly sharp picture!  
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