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Tasmania Archived Caches Pt 3 (shared, public)

List Owner: Crew 153

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A List of Tasmanian geocaches which have passed into history.
The full list is over 1000 caches and will be in a number of Bookmark lists.

Access my homepage to access all the lists.

I will be updating the lists from my GSAK database about once per month.
Please let me know of any caches which are not on the lists.

Results per page:

X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC9R0XZ Traditional Cache Beware! Fairies are about.

GC4VTXV Traditional Cache "But that's your favourite!"

GC3C31Z Traditional Cache "Sir Francis"

GC58X38 Traditional Cache (Back)Streets Alive

GC8K0RA Community Celebration Event “2sday” Community Celebration Event

GC8T6B8 Traditional Cache 1.3 km to go - This will be easy !

GC6XJT8 Traditional Cache 1.5

GC8KE56 Event Cache 10 years on (03/06/2020 16:15:00)

GC8JT19 Event Cache 10,000 or Bust Meet and Greet geojo1 (02/20/2020 17:30:00)

GC1V2GR Traditional Cache 14 4 9/18H-C1

GC1XQ63 Traditional Cache 14 4 9/18H-C2

GC4HWZJ Traditional Cache 1929

GC86BH7 Traditional Cache 2 Girlz Go Walkabout

GC1K2Q2 Traditional Cache 2008 Amongst the Fir Trees

GC5P0YG Unknown Cache 2014 Cache of The Year Award

GC7XQAG Event Cache 2018 Geocaching Film Night (GIFF) in Hobart (11/08/2018)

GC8DCD6 Event Cache 2019 Geocaching Film Night (GIFF) in Hobart (11/07/2019 17:30:00)

GC9HCDD Event Cache 2021 Geocaching Film Night (GIFF) in Hobart (11/18/2021 17:30:00)

GC1JNJC Traditional Cache 26 STEPS

GC7F77Y Traditional Cache 3D Large
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