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Favorite Puzzles (shared, public)

List Owner: Serrabou

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I love puzzles. These are some of the ones I liked best.

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GCYD0F Unknown Cache "Bles" the Beavers ... (Cache Not Here)
  Sharpen your pencil! A fun one.  

GC1FNCK Unknown Cache A Little Wordplay
  From the warped mind of my puzzling pal, a real gem.  

GC1706Y Unknown Cache Alpha & Omega III
  The A&O suite of puzzles is quite'll certainly learn your way around Ashburn!  

GC1AXZ2 Unknown Cache ÃøÃD
  Solving puzzles in the woods may sound daunting...but this one is lots of fun.  

GCTRDM Unknown Cache Buccaneer Anna of Ashburn
  The last puzzle was really fun to figure out. Great cache containers and locations. Highly recommended!  

GCZJ2R Unknown Cache Can You Hear Me Now?
  So fun to see the coords materialize in front of you. And to put this at the end of a terrific hike...awesome.  

GC1A7YN Unknown Cache Crazy Crime Coach
  It makes absolutely no sense. Then when you see the light, it makes all the sense in the world. Bravo.  

GC16H5K Unknown Cache Dark Matter
  Simple and elegant, what fun to find!  

GC15WJV Unknown Cache East meets West
  Two neat puzzles here! It looks daunting, but once you get going on the nongram it is quite fun. Origami was a hoot.  

GCFF9A Unknown Cache Easter Egg Hunt
  Luckily I got everything I needed to solve on one day...of course when I started out that day I had no idea!  

GC1EW3E Unknown Cache Easy One: 28
  Love how this puzzle fell into place...and then it keeps going, and going...  

GC13JTV Unknown Cache Emily's Sweet...
  Once we got going on this one, the solve was fun if not short.  

GC142XA Unknown Cache End of Liver (Liver Fiesta #12)
  What a wild ride to get here--and worth every minute!  

GC11C93 Unknown Cache Graphic Language
  Well constructed, a tad maddening, glorius when you finish.  

GC3PPT9 Unknown Cache Horcrux #5 - The Diadem
  Had a fun chat with the diary, very well set up.  

GCM5TZ Unknown Cache Hour of Reflection (BB11)
  Very cool puzzle that was a joy to research and solve.  

GC109MH Unknown Cache In the Land of Mordor: Mount Doom
  Great flavor, wonderful location, very enjoyable all around.  

GC13YD6 Unknown Cache Landmarks
  This and Landmarks II are so much fun I didn't want them to end...  

GC11T1J Unknown Cache Liar, Liar, Liar #1
  Maddening...which makes it all the sweeter when you finally solve it!  

GCY8HN Unknown Cache Liver Hell (Liver Fiesta #4)
  I carried this around with me for weeks, working on it whenever I got the chance. Loved it!  
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