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Dartmoor Geocaches (2) (shared, public)

List Owner: Lala-V

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This is part of the hopefully comprehensive list of geocaches placed on Dartmoor National Park. Due to the limitations of only 1000 caches per list this is currently split across three lists. The lists are sorted by the date of placement, and are semi automatically imported from the complete database in GSAK.

This list is all caches published on or between 28/05/2014 and 24/10/2017.

(Last updated 01/02/19)

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC7EBP1 Unknown Cache GB

GC5PKXF Traditional Cache Above Merrivale

GC7F9YR Traditional Cache Dartmoor Adventures - Nuns Cross Farm

GC63M21 Traditional Cache Manaton Meander 23 - Not Such A Madman's Lair!

GC6AQ9Z Traditional Cache The final Square

GC6WC0P Traditional Cache Wigford Down

GC5WXKF Traditional Cache "2 Leats+ 2 Trains+ 2 Roads = Mayhem"

GC7EG3M Unknown Cache "A Comedy of Errors (Who Me!)"

GC68ZQT Multi-cache "A Fine Pair # 454 - Sheepstor"

GC6AZ0Z Multi-cache "A Fine Pair # 485 - Lydford"

GC6DAX0 Multi-cache "A Fine Pair # 514 - Magpie Bridge"

GC6GHK2 Multi-cache "A Fine Pair # 542 - Yelverton"

GC7A171 Traditional Cache "A Fine Pair # 927 ~ Huckworthy"

GC68A9H Traditional Cache "A NOT SO REMOTE NEW YEAR 2016"

GC6W9NE Traditional Cache "A Remote New Year 2017 - Downings House"

GC6ZM0H Traditional Cache "A Very Very Lone Dead Tree"

GC5A5BJ Traditional Cache "Amicombe Hill - Fact or Fiction"

GC5TV16 Unknown Cache "Arms Tor Contours"(OL28) - #12

GC6T1C1 Unknown Cache "Aune Head Contours" OL28 - #25

GC6NJ51 Unknown Cache "Beardown Tors Contours" (OL28) - #19
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