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Active Caches Hidden in 2002 Volume 05 (shared, public)

List Owner: ewenger

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Caches hidden in 2002 worldwide that are still active. Sorted by date hidden. To find all of my bookmarks for this series. Click on my user name, then click on the "LIST" tab at the top of the page, then scroll down to the bottom of the page to view my shared Bookmarks

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC86C7 Virtual Cache 06/05/2002 GC86C7
  In the Court of King Mathias (Budapest, Hungary)  

GC610E Traditional Cache 06/06/2002 GC610E
  Old Crossing Treaty Park (Minnesota, United States)  

GC6113 Virtual Cache 06/06/2002 GC6113
  Lundy Island (North Devon) (United Kingdom)  

GC6116 Multi-cache 06/06/2002 GC6116
  Watersmeet (North Devon) (United Kingdom)  

GC611A Virtual Cache 06/06/2002 GC611A
  Peace and Tranquility (Hong Kong)  

GC6120 Virtual Cache 06/06/2002 GC6120
  Wave To The Indian (Virginia, United States)  

GC6125 Virtual Cache 06/06/2002 GC6125
  Don't Duc in the Falls (Washington, United States)  

GC6128 Virtual Cache 06/06/2002 GC6128
  ASQUAMCHUMAUKE (New Hampshire, United States)  

GC612B Traditional Cache 06/06/2002 GC612B
  Horse-race (ERB offspring #5) Sthlm. (Stockholm, Sweden)  

GC612C Multi-cache 06/06/2002 GC612C
  Highway 44 Series: Overhill, Underhill (Oregon, United States)  

GC6130 Traditional Cache 06/06/2002 GC6130
  Rio Bosque (Texas, United States)  

GC6137 Virtual Cache 06/06/2002 GC6137
  Steaming Across Kansas (Kansas, United States)  

GC613C Traditional Cache 06/06/2002 GC613C
  Deam View Cache (Indiana, United States)  

GC613E Virtual Cache 06/06/2002 GC613E
  The Horsemen--Heavy Metal #1 (Texas, United States)  

GC613F Virtual Cache 06/06/2002 GC613F
  More Than Flowers--Heavy Metal #2 (Texas, United States)  

GC6142 Virtual Cache 06/06/2002 GC6142
  Flanders Fields--Heavy Metal #3 (Texas, United States)  

GC6143 Traditional Cache 06/06/2002 GC6143
  Long Bluff on the Pee Dee (South Carolina, United States)  

GC61C1 Traditional Cache 06/06/2002 GC61C1
  Miles Too Cache (Alabama, United States)  

GC6162 Virtual Cache 06/07/2002 GC6162
  Castle Rock (North Devon) (United Kingdom)  

GC616C Traditional Cache 06/07/2002 GC616C
  Lance Creek (Georgia, United States)  
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