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Hong Kong Archived Caches Pt 2 (shared, public)

List Owner: Mrs Crew 153

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A List of Hong Kong caches which have passed into history.
The full list is over 1000 caches and will be in a number of Bookmark lists.

Access my homepage to access all the lists.

I will be updating the lists from my GSAK database about once per month.
Please let me know of any caches which are not on the lists.

Results per page:

X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC6DEP6 Traditional Cache Shek kip mei park tennis courts

GC6CFWP Event Cache "RapidCaching" Geocaching Tours Presents:Hongkong (03/18/2016)

GC6ZY81 Traditional Cache Hung Shui Hang 洪水坑

GC3M36T Traditional Cache Leung Ancestral Hall 梁氏宗祠

GC20RTK Traditional Cache (Almost) Peak of The Peak

GC49MWP Traditional Cache (Still) Wishing On A Tree

GC4VXTG Traditional Cache (Stop and Go) x 6

GC6X82R Traditional Cache (WWII) Pillbox 035 - Rocky Bay Beach

GC5RJT5 Event Cache 15 years of Geocaching (05/03/2015)

GC6809T Event Cache 2015 DNF Forgiving BBQ (12/31/2015)

GC8GX15 Event Cache 2020 First Sunrise @ Mt. Phoenix 鳳凰觀日 (01/01/2020 06:45:00)

GC5YPTA Traditional Cache 4 Ways

GC2ZR5H Traditional Cache 5 Cents

GC37NCR Traditional Cache 5 Dollars Trip! or more

GC2ZCAM Traditional Cache 5 Seats

GC22BPA Traditional Cache 660 lighting pole

GC5JBY3 Traditional Cache 7 Feet Rental

GC4FD4Q Unknown Cache 835374663

GC6JMRC Traditional Cache A (almost always empty) car park for a mouse!

GC46Q2F Traditional Cache A bridge too far?
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