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Great American Power Trails (shared, public)

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Currently a list of Great Power Trails that we've completed or have heard about in the Lower 48. If anybody knows of a Power Trail (of 50 caches or more) not listed here, send me the Bookmark or a Cache Page in the series to and I will include it in this list.

Sticks & SkaryShari

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GC2B570 Traditional Cache “Burr Oak - Hiking Trail Series – 52 Pickup”
  Southeast Ohio.
This 52 cache series was created to promote the hiking trails in this park.

GC2JJAT Traditional Cache 1 4 Da #'s-1
  Looks like a nice Trail from Jacksonville to Lake City, Florida.
See 89GTA & GEO PSYCHO's Bookmark List: (visit link)

GC2550W Traditional Cache Alien Head Series
  Only 51 caches in this trail, (wink wink Area 51) but a must do when out on the Extra Terrestrial Highway. Great piece of GeoArt...Finished this run in September, 2010. Go to this cache page... click on the map... then un-zoom.
Scroll down to the Bookmark List to Pocket Query this awesome series. Please don't get abducted.

GC25E8Y Traditional Cache Americana Hwy 70 Series
  Scroll down to Chuck Walla's Bookmark to Pocket Query the whole series  

GC2REJ9 Traditional Cache B.R.R.P.T #1
  Bear River Road Power Trail in my home State of Michigan. Close to the S.A.G. Power Trail.  

GC37PT9 Traditional Cache Bling Shelter Power Run
  Bling Shelter Power Run is located in the Holly Shelter Game Land, northeast of Wilmington, North Carolina. Click on the map to see all 101 caches.  

GC2PBXF Traditional Cache Bluegill Trail
  Ahhh... a human power trail that delivers. Stay tuned for alligators, snakes, many wetland type birds and all of this just a short distance from the style and haute couture of Palm Beach Gardens.

rnrgrl's Bookmark List: (visit link)

GC2KRT0 Traditional Cache Bone Valley Power Run
  A great power run around the phosphate mine area of rural Central Florida. Scroll down to get Bookmark from Palmetto.  

GC2T6KY Traditional Cache C&D 01
  A Power Trail along the Chesapeake/Delaware Canal. Click here and go to the map/bookmark for a pocket query. Looks like Delaware is making this a state sanctioned sport.  

GC2JDMK Traditional Cache Chaulk Series
  Chalk Bluff Rd. Trail in S. Wyoming/N. Colorado.  

GC2N5D1 Traditional Cache Country Cross Trail #1
  Nice little piece of Geo-Art in rural Colorado.  

GC2712K Traditional Cache Delta Trail - Arkansas
  Nice Rail to Trail Power Run near West Helena, Arkansas southwest of Memphis, TN. Scroll down to Chuck Walla's Bookmark List to Pocket Query this run. Thanks Chuck for the addition to this Bookmark.  

GC2ZK7J Letterbox Hybrid Extra Terrestrial Highway (2nd Invasion) - Nevada
  The mother of all power trails. Went back and attended the event in August 2011 and completed this 1500 cache series again. Don't forget the Alien Head and the Flying Saucer.  

GC2551A Traditional Cache Extra Terrestrial Highway (E.T. Series) - Nevada
  Completed this Series in September 2010. I definite must for serious Power Trail Enthusiasts. Scroll down to the Bookmark List or create your own to Pocket Query this series.
***This is the 1st Invasion that is now archived.***

GC23ZDV Traditional Cache Florida's Grim Series (Guard Rail Madness)
  A great Guard Rail Series in South Florida. Scroll down to fla030's Bookmark List to Pocket Query the whole series.

Don't forget the new Southern Grim Series too. (visit link)

GC1GPZ0 Traditional Cache Geocaching Trail #1 (GC Trail)
  Awesome piece of Geo-Art in rural South Dakota.  

GC48GHM Traditional Cache Ghost Rail to ATL # 001
  Power Trail in Wyoming  

GC2C299 Traditional Cache Good News, Bad News (Seinfeld Cache #1)

GC20GR1 Traditional Cache Hang'm High On Hwy. 51 - Louisiana
  Click this and scroll down to the Cache Page Bookmark list to Pocket Query the whole series.  

GC3677R Traditional Cache Mt. Hood, Oregon - RH106- Storm
  Linked up series in the Mt. Hood/Portland Oregon area.

The Linked series are as Follows.
Cook Underwood Road (CU1-CU133)
Lower Hood River Valley (LV1-LV30)
Upper Hood River Valley (UV1-UV40)
The Cooper Spur Adventure Series (CSA1-CSA25)
The Eastside through Middle Mountain (H1-H100)
The Westside (WS1-WS99)
Surveyor's Ridge Run (SR 1-????)
And the Columbia River herself.
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