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Dastardly Manhattan Puzzle Caches (shared, public)

List Owner: addisonbr

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This isn't simply a list of "Unknown" Cache types in Manhattan. This is a list filtered for true puzzles that require good problem-solving chops (as opposed to other excellent Unknown Caches which require more task completion or information gathering). Lovers of the "Aha!" moment should enjoy these.

Difficulty for established caches is crudely estimated by calculating the average number of days between finds. (Obviously this is not a perfect measure, but bear with me.)

Difficulty ratings last updated May 2011.

If you manage to find at least 15 (or 30!) caches on this list, you may qualify for a special, limited edition Dastardly Pathtag! See this thread for more information: (visit link)


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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC53RVX Unknown Cache A Summer's Day
  By pelagori, Apr 2014. Difficulty - Unknown  

GC44QRR Unknown Cache AM or PM?
  By New Market Mallers, Feb 2013. Difficulty - Unknown  

GC1A0W3 Unknown Cache B 339
  By EastVillageFamily, Mar 2008. Difficulty - 15 days  

GC175NZ Unknown Cache Beat the Clock
  By addisonbr, Nov 2007. Difficulty - 22 days  

GC1VEMF Unknown Cache Celebrate Life
  By addisonbr, Jul 2009. Difficulty - 18 days  

GC1PQ9E Unknown Cache Cleverness Squared
  By EastVillage Family, Apr 2009. Difficulty - 45 days  

GC1QNK4 Unknown Cache Come Here!
  By addisonbr, Nov 2009. Difficulty - 30 days  

GCHTK1 Unknown Cache Five Star New York
  By Avroair, Feb 2004. The Grand Daddy of them all (the only Puzzle Cache on this list placed before 2007). 14 stages. Many have attempted. Few have logged. Difficulty - 80 days  

GC25ZX8 Unknown Cache Gettin' Schooled
  By boo-boo bear, Apr 2010. Difficulty - 20 days  

GC369XQ Unknown Cache Grace
  By pvdjr, Oct 2011. Difficulty - Unknown  

GC474FK Unknown Cache Harry and Hogwarts
  By New Market Mallers, Mar 2013. Difficulty - Unknown  

GC4CANT Unknown Cache It Begins at the Artisans' Gate
  By childofatom, May 2013. Difficulty - Unknown  

GC1RCKX Unknown Cache It Begins At The Artists Gate
  By childofatom, May 2009. Difficulty - 9 days  

GC3DJ0X Unknown Cache It Begins at the Boys Gate
  By childofatom, Feb 2012. Difficulty - Unknown  

GC2NHWJ Unknown Cache It Begins At The Childrens Gate
  by childofatom, Feb 2011. Difficulty - 7 days  

GC1YFH8 Unknown Cache It Begins At The Engineers Gate
  By childofatom, Sep 2009. Difficulty - 10 days  

GC25RA3 Unknown Cache It Begins At The Farmers' Gate
  By childofatom, Apr 2010. Difficulty - 34 days  

GC1YEW4 Unknown Cache It Begins At The Gate of All Saints
  By childofatom, Sep 2009. Difficulty - 13 days  

GC2TVNF Unknown Cache It Begins At The Girls Gate
  By childofatom, Apr 2011. Difficulty - Unknown  

GC1NW6D Unknown Cache It Begins At The Inventors' Gate
  By childofatom, Mar 2009. Difficulty - 9 days  
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