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Must Do Caches (shared, public)

List Owner: Scarecrowe

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These are caches I have found that I recommend others do if given the chance. There's not going to be any "evil" caches on this list, meaning I'm not going to put a cache on the list just because I had a miserable time with it and want to inflict it on others.

The caches on this list are caches that have stuck with me for one reason or another, caches that I think back on with a smile. Yes, some of them are hard, but they ended up being fun after the fact. Some caches were in a setting of pristine beauty that need to be experienced not for the cache, but for the journey. Others took me places that I never expected to go.

In short, these are the caches that I would gladly do again.

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GC25NAX Traditional Cache Brooklyn Bridge
  This was a fun cache simply because of the scale model of the Brooklyn Bridge nearby.  

GC1DJB1 Unknown Cache AGT-Clarion-County Bears
  I did this cache in a very impressive way and in a manner that must remain secret...for now.  

GC1B99V Traditional Cache AGT-Clarion-Lost But Not Forgotten
  This is a cemetery that I don't think anyone (including me) would even know was there unless you were going for the cache. Many Civil War veterans are buried here.  

GC1637H Traditional Cache AGT-Elk-East Branch Dang
  This is a bit of as hike dues to the road access, but you get to see a pair of nesting osprey up close.  

GC1GWF6 Traditional Cache AGT-Forest - Cornplanter State Forest
  Scenic location in the Allegheny National Forest.  

GC166VG Traditional Cache AGT-Forest-Lighthouse Island Cache
  I loved the nearby lighthouse as it simply wasn't what you would expect to see in this small town.  

GC16YBC Traditional Cache AGT-McKean-Kinzua Bridge
  The nearby bridge simply has to be seen to be believed.  

GC1BFY8 Unknown Cache AGT-McKean-Remember
  The museum for this cache had been on my to do list for many years, I just never had a reason to make the drive up here. Well worth the trip.  

GC1695Q Traditional Cache AGT-Potter-Goodnight Moon
  Due to the time of day I hit this cache, the cloud level was slightly below the cache elevation and I made this find in a cloud.  

GC16RMR Unknown Cache AGT-Venango-Pithole Oil Flats
  This is my absolute, hands down, all time favorite cache I have done so far (242 caches at this point). The cache itself and the puzzle are fun, but nothing above and beyond. It is the location itself that makes this cache worthy of my "Must Do" list. Set in an abandoned oil boom town, the place is fun and eerie at the same time. Markers indicate the location of the buildings while the caretakers keep the former streets of the city well trimmed, allowing you to walk the actual streets of the city. I can't say enough about this cache and can't wait to return to the site.  

GCVR5W Traditional Cache Batman/Riddler Geocache
  This cache is worth it just to see the container it is in. You won't be disappointed!  

GC1MFQD Traditional Cache Between The Blanket and Matress
  To date, this cache remains my most frustrating and became my white whale. If the location was secluded, it wouldn't take anyone more than a minute or two to locate it. Due to the constant stream of muggles, however, this became a 4 time DNF for me. Success on the 5th time.  

GC279AN Traditional Cache BFTHGT: Bonny Brook
  Nice scenic area along the Butler-Freeport Historic Geotrail. The hide on this on was beautiful.  

GCKQPG Traditional Cache Bicentennial 2
  The man this cache honors has always been a role model for me.  

GC1JWYV Unknown Cache Black's Cemetery
  The oldest cemetery I've encountered, geocaching or otherwise. The flags in this cemetery mark the graves of Revolutionary War veterans.  

GC27JGY Traditional Cache Cache 307A-OF
  Easy find, but uses the most unique disguise for a cache I've come across so far.  

GC13NCT Traditional Cache CI and CC's Overlook
  I love old cemeteries. This is one that I've passed countless times but never even knew was there because of the urban sprawl surrounding it. The hide is also fun to retrieve.  

GC20KPZ Earthcache DC Rocks
  My first earthcache and still remains one of the most stunning environments I've cached in. My profile picture was taken at this location.  

GC1Q50Z Traditional Cache Engine 14
  The hide on this one was a blast. The nearby firemen have to enjoy this one.  

GC1VMZ4 Traditional Cache Fern Gully
  The location of the cache takes you to an abandoned railroad camp. So far I've been unable to find out more about the location.  
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