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My All-Time Favorites (shared, public)

List Owner: NevadaWolf

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Figured it's time.

What makes a cache my favorite? Unique, creative, well done, location, or memorable. Give me quality over quantity.

If I find myself talking about or recommending a cache months or years after I've done it, then it is a favorite.

The Triad is also part of this list, but I don't want all those emails, so they aren't listed.

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GC2CKBP Unknown Cache "Rocky's" Benchmark Challenge
  Reason: Benchmarks

Nice challenge to go out and find those little marks from decades ago. Plus poor nvsrvyr having to walk through mud in his work shoes cause I was dumb! :blush:

GCJ0G8 Multi-cache ...Like Ants........
  Reason: Unique multi

First time I'd seen someone use waypoints to create a shape. Idea is common now, but this one stands out as the first and funnest.

GC10XFX Traditional Cache 1% - 4X4
  Reason: First nano

And the mob that it took to find this one!

GC6DB0 Traditional Cache 1% - A CACHE BY ANY OTHER NAME
  Reason: Mount Rose Summit!!

Spent a great day with Randy, Abe, and Nick (mostly Randy and his great dog Mister) and managed to hike to the most prominent peak around. AND I DID IT!

GCZ4Y8 Traditional Cache 1% - A view from the chair.
  Reason: Quality cache

I've never been over here before, and were it not for the FTF chance, might not have come. I'm glad we did, this area is a special memory for me.

GC212XG Multi-cache 1% - Ancient Treasure
  Reason: Night Cache

Another awesome trip into the dark. Haven't seen or heard of one like this before.

GCHT76 Traditional Cache 1% - Box Falls
  Reason: Quality cache

I adopted this one from doc rock and will hold onto it with every trick I have from now on. Truly one of the special places in Nevada, a rare gem that this cache will share with you. Enjoy, explore, and experience!

GC10NY7 Multi-cache 1% - Circle of 12
  Reason: You EARN this smile

12 peaks, 12 hikes, #9 will chew you up. But once you ink your name at stage 12 you are on top of the world!

GC2AFNB Unknown Cache 1% - Claustrophobia
  Reason: Caving!

This one bounced Fat Boy Slim out of its number 1 slot. I will continue to go back to this one as many times as I can. I doubt I will ever get tired of crawling through the rocks, in the stream, and across the mud.

GC11VZG Traditional Cache 1% - Diehard's Diversion
  Reason: Eagle Canyon

The hike up here is a must do, as are the caches within it. I loved every boulder hoping, rock scrambling, calf burning minute!

GCGK2Y Traditional Cache 1% - Doppler Dome
  Reason: Quality cache

I love caches that take you places you would never go to. How about on top of the mountain range beside the massive Doppler Dome!?

GCVRDA Traditional Cache 1% - Elev. 6555
  Reason: Quality cache

Highly memorable location, my deepest thanks for having a cache up here to find.

GC22B40 Traditional Cache 1% - Fat Boy Slim
  Reason: Rock Monkey heaven

This was the single most fun I'd had crawling around rocks - until Claustrophobia that is.

GC83E Traditional Cache 1% - FLUME RIDER
  Reason: Quality cache

From the hike, to the location, to the container, all in all this is one of those that embody what geocaching is all about.

GC1MD3H Multi-cache 1% - Historic Treasure
  Reason: Very well done multi

I love that each stage is unique

GCR1Q4 Multi-cache 1% - Leap Of Faith Cache
  Reason: BEYOND creative

I don't think a cache has yet to match this one. An experience for your vocal cords, that's for sure!

GC1JGQZ Letterbox Hybrid 1% - Letters to Diana
  Reason: Amazing location

You just have to go see it. Nothing there, until you crest the top of the hill. Then a truly amazing site lies at your feet.

GCQ51E Unknown Cache 1% - Nevada DeLorme Challenge
  Reason: Biggest adventure

How can the sole reason for the largest adventure across the state of Nevada, a journey to all corners and backroads of the desert, NOT be on my favorites list?!

GC1N4ZQ Unknown Cache 1% - Nocturnal Immersion (A Night Cache)
  Reason: Awesome night cache

Heard the hype and came over to find out what was going on. Very very well done cache and worth the 4 hour drive! Must do!

GC1FDM7 Traditional Cache 1% - SG024 Fire Line
  Reason: Quality cache!

And one of the most creative and unique caches I've found! I so want to steal this idea!
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