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EXTREME CACHES [U.K] (shared, public)

List Owner: Cache U Nutter

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There has been an exponential growth in these caches in the last few years [mainly in the S.E.] I have collated a list of these caches that involve a physical challenge or dare.
This could be a climb/descent,dive or jump or maybe just a very difficult physical move or squeeze..
difficulty and terrain grade levels may vary !
1] Inclusion is based purely on the physical aspect of the challenge and not on how mentally challenging the cache is.
That's not to say that these should not be included, but only if they conform to the criteria stated i.e the challenge should involve a degree of risk.

2] The fact that the cache is a long walk or on top of a mountain is irrelevant.
unless it involves a climb!

Please let me know if you have caches to include.

Click here for map option : (visit link)
Archived caches included as I know a number of you like doing these. !

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC3AC74 Traditional Cache T T 2 - The Big One

GC12J25 Traditional Cache Take your punishment Seaman Stanes
  CACHE U NUTTER. GRADE 5/5- When I set this one I did not expect so much entertainment in watching and reading others participation in obtaining this one !  

GC5M8F3 Unknown Cache Thrill
  FTF Plasmawave 16/02/2015  

GC1BHKJ Traditional Cache "The Spider" [Your the spider in this cache]
  FTF DAZ LEE .GRADE 5/5 Completed this one just after a heavy down pour !
Easy for it's grade but a good challenge all the same

GC453QQ Traditional Cache #400 Don't Look Down!

GC3VBZQ Unknown Cache ? Kara n Keirons Upper Arley Loop, 5/5

GC2KX9Z Traditional Cache [362] No fim da Serra

GC4T86Z Traditional Cache 12 days of Caching: 1 Weir today, gone tomorrow
  Cannonfodder32 ftf  

GC67Q06 Traditional Cache 12 Days of Trigmas - #3 Thornton

GC4710B Traditional Cache 15. The GeoBEATS (passing tools).

GC3EWPT Multi-cache 2 Tall
  FTF Cache Eh ? 12/3/12  

GCTRRP Unknown Cache 20,000 Leagues Under The Pub!
  Tomtomagogo with MarkyK9.GRADE5/5 -Have done this one, 2nd leg a real haul and 1st leg --well just read the logs!  

GC39K6T Traditional Cache 21st Century Schizoid Man
  FTF Merstham Mafia 3/1/12  

GC415CK Unknown Cache 3 Fruits Float Ya Boat

GC31WK7 Traditional Cache 8 Farmers Frolics~Logged

GC13KNG Traditional Cache A Breeze
  xxxdjsniperxxx 4/5
Have done this one in the presence of Mr Sniper. Nice one mate!!

GC124HF Traditional Cache A Bridge Too Far
  CACHE U NUTTER - 5/5 Quite a challenging cache in full view!
Probably my favourite.

GC18RQB Traditional Cache A Cunning Move Chaps

GC14N27 Unknown Cache A Herculean Challenge
  CACHE U NUTTER - 5/5 This is NOT a puzzle cache.
Definately my most difficult cache I have set up to date.
Involves a number of diciplines to challenge the most extreme Geocachers !!
Probably the most difficult extreme in the U.K

GC5ABH2 Traditional Cache A Present from Frau Potter
  FTF fay r+r  
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