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👻 Slovenski virtualni zakladi / Virtual caches in Slovenia (shared, public)

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Slovenski virtualni zakladi, objavljeni po 24. avgustu 2017. Pred tem v Sloveniji ni bilo nobenega virtualnega zaklada.
Virtual caches in Slovenia, published after August 24, 2017. Prior to that date, there has been no virtual caches in the country.

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC8924P Virtual Cache 🎻 Giuseppe Tartini - Tartinijev trg 🎻

GC88ZZY Virtual Cache »VENI, VIDI, VICI…«

GC891RT Virtual Cache ☀️🕘☀️Sončna ura☀️🕘☀️

GC892C2 Virtual Cache Aspidochelone

GC7B6FY Virtual Cache Colonia Iulia Æmona - FORUM / The Forum

GC7B79A Virtual Cache dr. Vladimir Kante - Slovenian Top Spy in WW2

GC7BA0F Virtual Cache Grajski duhovi

GC88ZTN Virtual Cache Grajski vinograd/Castle vineyard Ljubljana

GC8922D Virtual Cache Heart

GC890ZQ Virtual Cache HRIBEC

GC88ZMP Virtual Cache Jezero Jasna/Lake Jasna

GC8921J Virtual Cache Kuharca

GC890A2 Virtual Cache Ljubljanica

GC890BV Virtual Cache Ljubljanski zmaj / Ljubljana's dregon

GC7B9CM Virtual Cache Love and Meat on the Butcher's Bridge

GC8913Q Virtual Cache Na Brda gledam - BONUS!

GC8916F Virtual Cache Največji Titov kip na svetu

GC891C3 Virtual Cache Nikola Tesla in Maribor

GC7B99E Virtual Cache Numenius arquata

GC892VT Virtual Cache Oak sculptures
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