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On the old South Coast railway line (shared, public)

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The line to Tweed Heads opened in 1903 and closed in 1961; and the Southport branch opened in 1889 and closed in 1964.

While much of the original railway land was resumed or reused for other purposes, there are spots where the route can be seen and there are a number of caches both railway and non-railway themed on or close to this route.

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GC4VXAC Traditional Cache Boon-or-Roo
  We haven't done this particular cache but a previous cache in this location was sited at the beginning of a remnant cutting that some how escaped the developers bulldozers. The Google Earth imagery suggests that this cache is in close proximity.  

GC4FGWA Traditional Cache Currumbin Railway Bridge
  A more or less complete bridge on the Tweed Heads branch line. Of course the original decking has been replaced by something more appropriate to the foot and cycle traffic it now caters to. Underneath is 'original'.  

GC49R6A Traditional Cache Formation
  Large sections of the line to Tweed Heads were obliterated when the Pacific Highway was built, but somehow this section remained untouched.  

GC55D0K Traditional Cache Iron Tree
  This cache is on the down hill stretch from Molendinar station to where the railway crossed the Nerang River. The upper section of this park where GZ is has altered over time but we believe that a section of the path in area near the sea eagle nest is close to the original alignment of the old formation. It is unclear whether there would be any bridge remains in the river.  

GC49MKJ Traditional Cache Kirra Cutting
  The Tweed Heads line would have emerged from Stewarts Road (at Tugun) and followed the current Gold Coast highway before diverting down Coolangatta road (just near the Kirra Surf building). On the Coolangatta side of the cutting, the line would have continued through the current Police Station and Courthouse, before crossing McLean street and travelling along the western side of Griffith street. The sides of this cutting are 40 feet high.  

GC20BXK Traditional Cache Loder's Creek Cache n Carry
  The well formed pathway on the creek side follows the old Southport line.  

GC4FGVX Traditional Cache Railway Bridge Number 9
  There were a number of creeks to be crossed on the line to Tweed Heads. While the Pacific Highway passes overhead, it is still possible to see the remnants of the bridge pylons.  

GC1VC40 Traditional Cache Southport Railway 1
  This cache is in an old cutting. The sides of the cutting vary between 1 and 16 feet with the steeper section being closer to where Ashmore Road currently crosses. The line has since been dissected by the road but would have continued to the Ernest Junction turning triangle on the other side of Ashmore Road.  

GC1VC49 Traditional Cache Southport Railway 2
  This section is on the up hill climb to the tunnel and on to Ernest Junction. Out of all the Southport Railway series of caches, this one is rare in that you have a cutting and an embankment still able to be seen in their natural environment in close proximity to each other. The cutting where the cache is hiding is 11.9 feet high and 8 chains (or 161m) long. The embankment to the north was 15 feet high. This section of the line was part of the main line to Beenleigh and would have been used by both Southport and Tweed Heads bound trains.  

GC1W57T Traditional Cache Southport Railway 3
  The paved pathway follows the old Southport branch line, turning towards what is now Griffith Uni just short of the tram overbridge. There are several cuttings along this track, some of which close to 12 feet high.  

GC2VBNK Multi-cache The Ghost of Ernest Junction Tunnel
  Of course the tunnel. Ernest Junction was actually on the Southport side of the tunnel. From here trains would be split to travel to both Tweed Heads and Southport.

More on this tunnel, after we have completed the cache.

GC3CD3V Traditional Cache We love radnoski caches #1
  We haven't found this cache yet, but the data suggests this is on the old formation.  

GC4MHFR Traditional Cache Whose line is it anyway?
  This was on the mainline to Beenleigh and would have been used by both Southport and Tweed Heads bound trains. The track to the cache (closest to the current train line) is the old rail line with several cuttings. The cutting closest to the hide is 12ft in height.  
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