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Long distance multi (>100 km) (shared, public)

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This bookmark is for those, who are attracted by difficult long multicaches.
It's difficult to find them, so if you know about any such multi missing here, please let me know.

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC35DHD Multi-cache 265 km MTB Granitlandrunde 1 G.F.T.C.
  Austria - 265 km long mountain bike circle around northern part of Austria  

GC1ZYGF Multi-cache Beautiful life on the bike
  Czech Republic / Germany - 170 km mountain bike trail in Czech-Saxon Switzerland  

GC53HQM Multi-cache Bílý Halštrov/Weiße Elster - na kole/auf dem Rad
  Czech Republic / Germany - 250 km bike ride along Halštrov river  

GC405VA Multi-cache Der Nordwaldkammweg
  Austria - 145 km walking hike on the border of Austria and Czech Republic  

GC7NBEV Multi-cache Deutschlands längster Weg
  Germany - 2000 km long hike from north to south of Germany  

GC3JH5D Multi-cache Deutschland-Tour
  Germany - 1600 km long bike trip through Germany  

GC6128Z Multi-cache Deutschlandtour Ost-West
  Germany - 1300 km long bike trip across Germany  

GC32KYW Multi-cache Die Tour
  Germany - 800 km long bike trip along Elbe river from Dresden through Hamburg to Cuxhaven, takes 5-14 days to complete  

GC6M7M0 Multi-cache GR 20 - Traversee de la Corse
  France - 200 walking hike across Corse island  

GC11PTE Multi-cache Graz - Monaco
  Austria -> Monaco - 2000 km long walking hike over whole Alps  

GC7BPZE Multi-cache Haute Route des Pyrenees
  Spain / France - 800 km long hike across whole Pyrenees from Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea, which takes about 6 weeks to pass  

GC5M7Y1 Multi-cache Herum, herum, über, unter und durch
  Germany - 250 km round bike trip through southern part of Schwarzwald  

GC2E2W5 Unknown Cache Hochrhöner Premiumcache
  Germany - 140 km long walking hike over Hochrhöner Premium Wanderweg  

GC74XBQ Multi-cache Hochrhöner Premiumcache (140km Weitwandercache)
  Germany - 140 km long walking hike over Hochrhöner Premium Wanderweg - revival of GC2E2W5  

GC7DY00 Multi-cache Hrebenom Nizkych Tatier
  Slovakia - 100 walking hike over the whole main ridge of Nizke Tatry  

GC81662 Multi-cache JIRÁSKOVA CESTA
  Czech Republic - 170 walking hike over the ridge of Orlické Hory  

GC7B7RX Virtual Cache Koruna Turca
  Slovakia - 234 km round trip over Malá Fatra and Velká Fatra  

GC2YTYJ Multi-cache Krasami Beskyd
  Czech Republic - 120 walking trail around Beskydy  

GC72VYR Multi-cache Krusnohorsky kverunk
  Czech Republic - 260 walking hike across whole Krusne hory  

GC30W0M Multi-cache Mirosovicka stovka (cyklo)
  Czech Republic - 100 km bike trail, archived, but still on place  
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