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Monkeybrad's Favorite Finds (shared, public)

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These are just some of the ones that stick out in my mind, it may be for the cache itself, or the view or the friends we were there with. For whatever reason, these stick out in my mind as the ones I do this for.

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GC15F2F Traditional Cache LaMance Falls and Monolith
  TENNESSEE - Very cool location and to approach it as suggested on the cache page is a great challenge and adventure, with some seriously tough, but beautiful, terrain. Another of those great locations I would never have known about if not for this game.  

GC15F1 Virtual Cache "Awakening"
  DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA - Really unusual spot, this is a classic virtual.  

GCG0MR Traditional Cache "Difficult"
  WISCONSIN - Loved the your life is not worth a smiley aspect of this one.  

GCJ5G2 Virtual Cache "Look Homeward Angel"
  NORTH CAROLINA - Cool virtual with a literary twist.  

GC1981M Traditional Cache # 576
  TENNESSEE - This one is going to become a classic, but beware it is a truly evil hide.  

GCHGEW Traditional Cache “PURE EVIL”
  TENNESSEE - A Middle Tennessee classic from one of the masters.  

GC4E4B Virtual Cache 16th Century Pub (Central London)
  UNITED KINGDOM - Really neat spot, well worth the trip.  

GC10BP9 Unknown Cache 2007 GOWT Geocoin Mystery Cache
  TENNESSEE - Nice little stroll in the woods, but it makes the list because of the cool coordinate delivery system. The Coords for this cache are printed on the outside edge of the 2007 GOWT Geocoin. I just thought that was too cool to not make the list.  

GCV0C1 Event Cache 2nd Annual End of the River Meet and Greet (07/15/2006)
  NORTH CAROLINA - OK technically, an event should not be listed in my favorites list, but the events of this day I will not soon forget, so I placed it here to remind me to reread this log from time to time.While this annual event is always one of my favorites, this one really sticks out in my mind, wanna know why, then read my log for the full story, I think it is worth the time.  

GCH2MH Multi-cache 37219 Where Am I
  TENNESSEE - A great tour of interesing sites.  

GCHWYD Traditional Cache 4WD Playground

GCF223 Traditional Cache 5 Points Swagger
  FLORIDA - One of the few spots where my bravado paid off.  

GC10AW0 Earthcache A Bridge to the Past
  TENNESSEE - A great earthcache that showcases a real wonder of the natural world. I had driven by the signs hundreds of time, but had never stopped to check it out. An awesome sight.  

GCK2AW Traditional Cache A Claustrophobic's Nightmare/Just Say NO to Crack
  CALIFORNIA - Awesome location for an adventurous hunt, we drove 185 miles one way out of our way for this cache and it was worth every mile. An absolute must do.  

GC15RQB Traditional Cache A Cool Cache
  FLORIDA - Very cool "extra large" cache in front of the only dedicated Geocaching store I have ever seen, a must do.  

GCYF1X Traditional Cache A Frog for All Seasons
  CALIFORNIA - It's a simple cache but the frog is worth the trip.  

GCGGBD Virtual Cache A Real TreeT
  MASSACHUSETTS - A really neat natural spot that you can drive up to. Another of those hidden treasures that I bet 90% of the locals do not know is there.  

GCQ596 Traditional Cache A Special Memory
  NEVADA - Very cool, great idea and execution on this unique one, not to be missed.  

GC13NVF Traditional Cache A Stop In Time
  ILLINOIS - Nice little cache, but it makes the list because on a whim I hunted it in the middle of a raging blizzard. -3 degrees with 35 below windchills, lots of blowing snow, the whole deal. It was just crazy enough to try and it gave me an opportunity to put all of that cold-weather gear from REI to a real test. It kind of makes that one hard to forget.  

GCZ492 Traditional Cache A Whole Lot Creepy...
  TENNESSEE - Very creative cache from start to finish, it is great to find these little surprises while out hunting.  
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