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FTF :-) (shared, public)

List Owner: PetraaP

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tak tady sme byli mezi prvnima silencema ... :-)

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC744CP Unknown Cache (VK-1004) Deset krizu - Kriz Tau

GC75GTD Unknown Cache (VK-1051) Prochazka kolem desitky - F

GC75GVH Unknown Cache (VK-1055) Prochazka kolem desitky - J

GC75GW7 Unknown Cache (VK-1057) Prochazka kolem desitky - L

GC75F3H Multi-cache (VK-1068) Prochazka kolem desitky - W

GC75F5P Multi-cache (VK-1069) Prochazka kolem desitky - X

GC75GZM Unknown Cache (VK-1070) Prochazka kolem desitky - Y

GC4CEZM Traditional Cache (VK-567) Becva N°67

GC4CGJE Letterbox Hybrid (VK-574) Becva N°74 *Splav*

GC4CGN7 Letterbox Hybrid (VK-578) Becva N°78 *Stromovka*

GC4CGPT Letterbox Hybrid (VK-582) Becva N°82 *Hriste*

GC4DGF1 Traditional Cache (VK-587) Becva N°87

GC4DG1V Traditional Cache (VK-603) Becva N°103

GC4DG28 Traditional Cache (VK-604) Becva N°104

GC4DG2G Traditional Cache (VK-605) Becva N°105

GC4DG2N Traditional Cache (VK-606) Becva N°106

GC4DG2R Traditional Cache (VK-607) Becva N°107

GC4DG3X Traditional Cache (VK-608) Becva N°108

GC4C19T Unknown Cache (VK-620) Becva N°120 - SB3

GC55V65 Traditional Cache (VK-786) 7 Padu - Nominativ
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