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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC666D Traditional Cache 000001 Arbustum by WCGreen
  My first cache! The owner was very nice to accompany me and help me learn how to use the GPS and help me find her cache.

GCC160 Event Cache 000100 Show Me The 1000th Cache (01/18/2003)
  my 100th cache and the first time i got to meet Show Me The Cache! this was one of the first larger events i had gone to that honored another cacher. I was absolutely amazed that someone could reach 1000 caches. Wow! Over the years I'd had the opportunity to get to know SMTC better and spend some quality time caching with him (in KY, in FL, in TX) and he's a ton of fun! Even if he does wear bunny ears from time to time...  

GC7307 Traditional Cache 000200 Mary's Pond
  My 200th cache and found in my home state of Massachusetts only 20 minutes or so from the house i grew up in.  

GCH2NJ Traditional Cache 000300 South Elkhorn
  my 300th cache. This is right near by a most excellent GEOCKY meeting location and hidden by a super fantastic cacher!  

GCG6EF Traditional Cache 000400 Dalmatian #36 The Show Litter
  my 400th cache. This was a special one as I had a super fantastic tour guide drivin me round nashville. Thanks Joe! I always have fun spending time with you =)  

GCGTEA Traditional Cache 000500 Way-finding Sign 26
  My 500th cache which was logged right before Monkeybrads 1000th cache event! I also was hanging out with r0b which is always fun! This was a fun power trail in a mad-dash-to -the-cache-and-back-to-the-car way. I don't think i've ever moved so fast to get caches and get back to the car before!  

GCHJEN Traditional Cache 000600 Random Sidewalk
  My 600th cache. This one was extre cool for three reasons : 1) it was my 600th cache
2) the last 3 characters in the GC# is my name
3) it was also paddy yenars 850th cache!

GCHQ34 Traditional Cache 000700 Preston’s Cave Spring #2
  my 700th cache. Very cool as it was a paddy yenar cache. He's my cachin buddy and i'm glad to hear he's getting back into geocaching.  

GCHK7P Traditional Cache 000800 First in LaGrange!
  my 800th cache. found with the ever-fun paddy yenar. he makes caching fun!  

GCCD5F Traditional Cache 000900 Sit A Spell
  my 900th cache. drlucky and I took a trip down to nashville for a food show - yum. food AND caching! can things get much better? let the countdown to 1000 begin!!  

GCM0YY Traditional Cache 001000 THINKER
  my 1000th cache! after 10 cachers visited and posted 10 DNFs, Paddy Yenar, myself and Drlucky rode into town and snagged the FTF on this elusive and evil JoGPS cache. Talk about sweet!  

GCEC4D Traditional Cache 001100 Rivals Loop
  my 1100th cache - can't beat being a pirate and logging a milestone with another pirates cache!  

GCHKNA Traditional Cache 001200 HEY....CACHE IN A NEEDLE STACK.
  my 1200th cache - found with most excellent cachers : fishdog, sun_moon_starz and budophylus! boy did we build lots of character on that day. This cache is one of several along a 16 mile stretch of trails in the jefferson memorial forest in lousiville, ky  

GCMQJ7 Traditional Cache 001300 Highland Island
  my 1300th cache. Quick and easy is nice, too - found on a great structure in the middle of a neighborhood.  

GCKZVK Unknown Cache 001400 Long Distance Call
  my 1400th cache. This was one i had had my eye on for a while. I love the concept and was great to meet the cache owner and hang out with him for a day in memphis on my way to geowoodstock 3 in jacksonville, fl. this is definitely one of my favorites.  

GCJMQN Traditional Cache 001500 Madame Butterfly
  my 1500th cache. I found this one the morning of geowoodstock 3 in jacksonville, fl with two very excellent cachers, maxine&me and geojimmie. that and i LOVED the cache container!  

GCM9VX Traditional Cache 001600 Moody Miracle Micro
  my 1600th cache. found this one on the way back from geowoodstck 3 (wow, three milestones during the trek to and from one event!) - there was a very nice 9/11 memorial and display there.  

GCNXQH Multi-cache 001700 Silver City
  my 1700th cache. I may have celebrated that it was my 1700th cache, but i was cursing the cache owner all the way! back and forth and then a .16 bushwack? ARGH! the things i do for a cache.  

GCQMHT Event Cache 001800 Geocky 101, New cacher training, old cacher BBQ (10/02/2005)
  my 1800th cache. this was super special cause i got to spend it with cachers from my 'old stomping grounds' in lexington, ky.  

GC7DB7 Traditional Cache 001900 Welcome Home Again
  my 1900th cache. it's always cool to meet cachers on the trail - and while this wasn't on the trail, but at his front door - it was no exception. victorymike and i chatted for a few and then i was heading back home to MA.  
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