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The Senior Chief's Top 10 (shared, public)

List Owner: SCPO Rich

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These are my favorite caches - not always landmarks, but ones that I really enjoyed finding!

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC7572 Traditional Cache Brogan's Caching Karma Stick.
  According to the holder, there are only 12 of these moving caches left - and there will be no more on Instant favorite here...  

GCTAN4 Traditional Cache Cache-and-Munch
  This is the first one like this that I found. And I was pretty darn proud of it, too. Oh, BTW - The hot dogs & root beer are great, too!  

GC1G9ZH Traditional Cache Canton Avenue
  I just LOVE these great story ones!  

GC19RW7 Traditional Cache cityview
  This one made it by virtue of the hide. It was tough, in a distinctly odd place, risky, and opening that thing is a bit scary.  

GC14QY6 Unknown Cache Crossroads of the World
  OK - it's now the top 11... What a great cache! it would not be the same without the sign!  

GC44E Traditional Cache I'm Not Bluffing
  Wow! My oldest cache so far!  

GCMTA6 Traditional Cache Lord of the Rings
  Where else can you find a cache where you have to speak a password to get hold of it? Oh, and being on the ocean in LA is another great thing about this cache.  

GC6263 Traditional Cache MASH Cache
  This one is all about location. The cache is pretty ordinary and easy to find, but how many times have you been on the MASH helipad?!?!?!  

GC195C3 Traditional Cache NUT CASE: Acorn-y Cache
  What a GREAT hide, and the way of getting it down is great too!  

GCZF4R Traditional Cache Nuts; 38th Street Ends
  This one has to be on the list. This is my favorite container yet!  

GC1EZZX Multi-cache Schenley Boot camp
  Awesome find! one of my favorites!  

GCHA3T Traditional Cache The Elves are Easily Overlooked
  Nothing difficult about the cache... But the view is GREAT!  

GCXWA3 Traditional Cache These Boots Are Made For Walking
  This one is a rare juxtaposition of a great camo container, a great hiding place, an urban setting, and a seven foot high pair of cowboy boots with critters. Top 10 material...!  

GC1HB2E Traditional Cache Time Heals All
  Like another one ion my top 10 list, this one is about a great hike, location and timing. As well as being in the LA area! This cache is in honor of the Metrolink accident and the 2008 fires. I found this cache a month after been trapped on the 118 during that fire, and I got my clothes filthy dirty from soot while hiking to this cache. It is a very contemplative place to go, and I'm glad I was there!  
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