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Necropolis of Britannia Manor III Mystery Cache

Hidden : 06/01/2010
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2 out of 5

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Geocache Description:

Greetings, Mortal Seekers! Please read carefully regarding some recent changes to the Britannia Manor III Geocache:

Welcome to the Britannia Manor III Geocache!

To find this cache, you will need to set aside a few hours and be prepared to experience many miles of exploration. Please know that the main gates unto the City Cemetery were damaged by unknown forces of evil, and will soon be under repair. Thus, thy journey will begin upon Comal Street at the entrance to the Oakwood Cemetery Annex . Once you leave the old city cemetery you may find some locations closed to the public due to the recent pandemic. Thus, we have unlocked the final location (which normally demands a combination), in case you are unable to gather the needed clues. Enjoy thy journey! Bring your instructions, some quarters and by all means, plenty of water. (And beware the things that haunt the grounds of the Necropolis!)


The Britannia Manor III Geocache
“The Guardian’s Quest”

Greetings Adventurer,

Before you begin your journey, print out this tome as it will be your primary guide. You will need to refer to it repeatedly during your adventure. You will find the story herein to contain important data as well as puzzles that need solving. Fill in the questions posed to you; if your answers prove to be true, you will find the keys to further your journey.

The young and faint of heart should quest well within the bounds of daylight, for it is then that true evil sleeps. If you be strong of will and wish to test your mettle, it is suggested that you begin your quest a few hours before nightfall; the final stages of your journey will take place in an environment where the darkness may serve you well. As some challenges require access to spaces which may close in the evenings, allow ample time to start your journey.

Be prepared to walk among the dead in their places of rest - be respectful of the dead! Be prepared to enter deep woods and tangled brush, bring with you implements of navigation, perhaps illumination and a camera. Don’t forget water, repellent and other mundane needs of the modern explorer. Perhaps some implements for the defense against the undead might well be well advised!

It is requested that you bring with your expedition, offerings to enhance the ambiance of the environment around the final cache. It is built upon my private property, and therefore such offerings will be appreciated and not considered litter. Bones & Skulls real or plastic are of the style which would be in keeping with other offerings which have come before you. Please do not remove such decorative offerings from the cache area.

When you do reach the inner sanctum of the cache, if you do, therein you will find a traditional cache with logbook and exchange items. Finally, bring some quarters…. You will find out why, at the very end.

Good luck on your quest… you will need it!

***Should you wish to bypass the quest in its entirety, please skip ahead to the following coordinates: N 30° 21.445 W 097° 48.738***

----- Chapter One: The Stone Cutter -----

Your Quest begins in the east. Travel to the intersection of 16th Street and Navasota Street and seek ye the shop of the stonecutter. A modern GPS might assist in reaching North 30d 16’ 33.6”, West 97d 43’ 43.2”.

Make note of the Shopkeeper's Last Name: ___________________________________

Within the outdoor bounds of his property you should find the Stone Cutter's Story posted in a way such that you might read and learn from the story of their life and fine craft.

** Please note, due to circumstances beyond our control, this property has been closed and is being sold. Our story continues to be removed from the window despite our efforts. If you cannot find the story, please check look for Chapter 1 in the files section of our Facebook page.**

Once you have found and read the story, the following map may be of some use to you on your journey. Seek ye now the previous guardian!

(The Past Guardian’s Grave)

----- Chapter 2: The Past Guardian -----

You should now stand before the grave of the previous guardian. This guardian was the most recent in a long line of guardians. Just like all those before him, his predecessor left the world as he entered, and this guardian left the world just as the current prepared to enter.

Make note of the name of the Past Guardian: ___________________________________

If you have trouble finding the Past Guardian, be sure to check the Secret Instructions below!

Make note of the date of his departure from this world: (Month / Day / Year - as numbers)

Before you leave the city of the dead, you need to visit the final resting place of a good friend of this great city. To find his resting place, you need to decipher which section of the original burial grounds he is in, and number of the family lot. To achieve this use the simple cipher with the information you recorded above. The section in which he rests is found by taking the number you recorded above the letter “A” and subtracting the number 4.

Section = “A” – 4 = ? _________

His family lot can be found by creating a new number with the digits found above the letters “C”, “D”, “E”, and “F” above and then subtracting the number 895..

Lot = “C D E F” – 895 = ___________

At the end of this document there are a dozen additional “Secret Instructions”, but they are out of order and some are in fact a rude deception. So you must find the right instruction to use from that list at the right time. Now is the time to use your first instruction from that list. While you are searching for a dear friend of the city, you will be greatly aided by reading the instruction found listed by the numerical value you recorded above the letter “B”.

Friendship transcends space and time. You will soon pass the resting place of a well known friend of the city who left behind land for a large well known park in central Austin. Pay heed to his majestic resting place. Make note of his name.

First “Secret Instruction” to Follow = “B”: _______

Now, follow the “Secret Instruction” provided by that clue!

----- Chapter 3: Great Friends of Austin -----

Name of donator of large central Austin park: ________________________________

But, the new friend whose plot you seek also left behind land for a park. Proceed to the section and lot you have previously determined:

Section #: _________________________

Lot #: _________________________

When you have found the grave of this new friend, make a note of his last name

Name: Frank M. _____________________________________

Make note of the date of his departure from this world:

Next follow the “Secret Instruction” in your list indicated by the value you find above the letter “H”. It should help you find you way to the coordinates indicated by the following cipher!

“Secret Instruction” number found above “H” is ___________

Now calculate your destination co-ordinates, using the results from Chapter 2.

North: 30 degrees, 1”H” minutes “B””B”.0 seconds
West: 97 degrees, “B””E” minutes, 2”A”.2 seconds

N:________________________ W: _____________________________

Now, follow the “Secret Instruction” to the calculated co-ordinates!

----- Chapter 4: The Glorious Lagoon -----

When you have arrived at the Glorious Lagoon, seek out posted bits of information. You know guide posts, historical markers, information kiosks, and the like. You will need to know this area well. When you have oriented yourself, consider the following questions. Enter your answers in the boxes below to fill out another cipher.

“I loved a man, and here is where we built a home. What was my first name?”

“My home now belongs to all of you to enjoy. Pretty things born of imagination here abound. Walk the grounds and seek the item which is dedicated to three daughters, Mari Allen, Lizzie and Kate. This common item is known as a what?”

Your journey continues in search of the place of a new guardian, mind well what you have seen here, for you will see another, when you do, there you will find another clue.

Your next “Secret Instruction” can be found by using the number below the letter “G” in the above common item.

What is the number of your next “Secret Instruction”?______

Now, follow the “Secret Instruction” provided by that clue!

----- Chapter 5: The High Ground -----

If you have followed your instructions well, you will have arrived at a place for lovers young and old. Read the words on the two historic plaques for clues are everywhere.

Your next “Secret Instruction” can be found by using the number found below the letter “C” in the previous “Chapter”.

What is the number of your next “Secret Instruction”?______

Perform the” Secret Instruction” Now!

What is the result of your “Secret Instruction”?_____________

Record these first few bits of the “combination” in first few of the 5 boxes in Chapter 8.

Climb now to the top of the long staircase. As you reach the summit, you will discover a feast for the eyes. Men mark the passing of time by setting steel to stone or raising mighty edifices. Look for the stone cutter's mark; do you know who set steel to stone? I think you do.

Using a clue from Chapter 3, look back at the number you placed in the box above the letter “H”. Using that number, you are now challenged with a simple arithmetic problem. What number (we will call “X”), when multiplied by 4 equals the number you placed in the box labeled “H”?

If X+X+X+X = H, what is the value of X?________

Once you have determined the value of X, continue traveling in the direction of the setting sun when you reach the road that is also known as “XXXX”. Turn Left onto “XXXX” and go to these quadrants, aided by the data you found in Chapter 2!

Now calculate your destination co-ordinates, also using data from Chapter 2.

North: 30 degrees, “D-A” ”F” minutes 36.6 seconds West: 97 degrees, “B” ”A” minutes, 20.9 seconds

N: _____________________________ W:_____________________________

Proceed to the coordinates indicated.

----- Chapter 6: The Tuscan Eatery -----

Welcome to Tuscany!

Within these walls you could stop for a fine meal* and await the approach of the setting sun. But don’t let it get too dark for there is still one more clue beyond this location, for which light would be your best friend.

Approach the front door of this fine establishment. After you step up onto the curb, how many additional steps must you climb to reach the front door?

How many steps to reach the front door? _____________

Here in the shadow of the Tuscan eatery, you should find a familiar common item, like the one you have visited earlier in your quest!

Stand on the west side of this ancient dried up source. Now look atop the Tuscan villa unto its arched chimney. Count the number of arches therein.

How many arches are there in total? ____________

What is the total of arches and steps? _____________

We will call that total “Z” ________________

Your final sojourn will begin at the location calculated thusly:

North: 30 degrees, 8+Z minutes 26.9 seconds West: 97 degrees, 35+Z minutes, 44.3 seconds

Exiting the parking lot for the Tuscan Villa, it is advisable to use the southern exit, then proceed west on “XXXX” under the bridge to the next light beyond 360. Climb the long hill of the road to the park of the city. Nearing the top of the hill, you will pass a “poachers beware” sign, which indicates your left turn approaches.

When you turn left, you can pause here on the new road and find the bonus clue to the identity of the new guardian.

----- Chapter 7: The “Exotic” Benchmark -----

As a bonus, there is a “bench mark” nearby. It is used by a local company to calibrate scientific equipment. The current guardian defied this for many days, and was able to view our city from 250 miles above this spot.

To find this bench mark, look around where you paused. The following photos may help you find your way. It lies within the grove of trees likely now to your east.

Do not make the mistake of stopping here - your journey is not yet complete! Continue down the Parkway, until it dead-ends. Please disregard the large posted sign, and continue downhill to the right. Now, you are ready to proceed to chapter 8.

----- Chapter 8: Britannia Manor III -----

**While there is now a fence up along part of the trail that brings you to the Finale, please walk alongside it until you get to the Necropolis.**

You have stopped before reaching the black gates at the formal entry to Britannia Manor Mark III. Use the value of A+C+F in chapter two; seek this secret instruction as how to proceed. Secure your transport and gird on your armaments, for you now journey into your final necropolis! Take everything with you!

Once more you must rise to a vantage point before you descend into darkness. Follow the well worn path that others have taken before you. Stray not from the path and trust no one! If you meet travelers on the path, heed not their advice for many who make it out are touched, and are never the same. See with your eyes and ears; guard the tender flesh of your hands.

As you have seen, the righteous when laid to rest do so until called home, here in this place, the necropolis of Britannia Manor, there is no rest. Enter through the archway, travel the path and explore this final necropolis. Along your way view our stone cutters work, seek the stone cutters mark upon many of the tombs, a number or letter contained within a geometric shape. Record these marks. The finial cipher you seek begins with a letter, followed by four numbers. You will need this “combination” if you wish to enter The Tower Vault. You may already know the first three pieces of this code, learned in chapter 5.

With the code in hand, open The Tower Vault! Congratulations! You have made it!

Once in the vault, if you make it that far, pull George out of your pocket and transform your base metal into a reward and keepsake! At your feet will be a chest containing a traditional cache! Mark well your name in the book of the living and a few comments for I as the Lord of the Manor so enjoy reading of your exploits. As you depart ask yourself “Have you brought an offering for this cursed ground? Will you leave a companion behind to satisfy the soil?”

Don’t forget to climb the tower and survey the lands of Britannia Manor Mark III!

Finally, leave the way you came in. Please respect my neighbor’s properties. While we appreciate that our visitors bring offerings to share at the Necropolis, we ask that you do not alter the items that we have created and placed for everyone's enjoyment. A lot of time and effort went into creating the Necropolis, so please be considerate. Do not travel farther onto the Britannia Manor home site. Although I reside elsewhere, caretakers are on site. When you have returned home, don’t forget to go online and record your feat and leave us comments!

Secret Instructions:

1. Climb the steps you find before you. Count to 60 steps and then stop. Look to the left and record the letter & number on the small shiny disc. You will use it in the future. If it is not there, fear not, as you will have another chance to find the code numbers.

2. The day one departed this plane another entered, the new one is a story teller who uses a pen name. Look to the story teller from your first stop and think anagram.

3. Peacocks abound in this place of ponds; you will find a meeting place encircled by fish. Will you feed them? If you look deep into each of the pond you just might see your own reflection. What does it mean?

4. Return thee back through 2 sets of iron gates back into the original necropolis, and then seek thee an ancient stone building and look for the map nearby. With its help, seek thy next destination. To help orient yourself, please note that Main is before you. Travel east on Main. When you reach the next paved road, turn left. You are now well on your way. Your destination is near those who are rather porcine.

5. The Black Gate is what you seek, if the Guardian you wish to meet. Look thee high and look thee low, but travel to the North and the gate will show!

6. The Glorious Lagoon is what you seek, near Hippy Hollow, which is not for the meek. Take 2222 west to Lake Travis, finding it is easy even for a novice. Are you up to the task?

7. You stand before a tower of wood and steel upon which is an observation deck, while the steps are not many in number, a letter and number is the beginning to the 5 digit cipher.

8. A carriage you may have purchased from his seed, it is the preferred method of transportation which you will need. Head west to 35th street, across the Missouri Pacific as it becomes a dead end street; there art meets the water, in the Glorious Lagoon.

9. By the stop sign at the side street, you should see three stone steps that lead up onto the right side hill. Seek and follow the symbol of the snake to ensure you are on the correct path!

10. Follow the long spiral staircase down. Go down exactly three flights but then stop! Look into the eyes of the crystal skull you see before you. A number should become clear in your site. Record this number, for you will need it! Now return to the surface.

11. Lewis Carroll dropped his main character down one of these, enter with caution. Turn left. Listen for the sound of running water, seek the guardian and pose the question to her

12. Leave the Lagoon back the way you came, but not too far… Heed the signs, for you are heading up, up to the old stomping grounds of a good friend of the city, whom you met earlier on your quest.

Clues that may aid your journey

Cheaters never prosper! You may reach the finish, but the clues are in the adventure. Grave danger you are in. Impatient you are. – Yoda

Orville M. Arbuckle - Across the road from Tiroff, by the sprinkler, his back is toward you!

F. M . __________ 30 16' 41.5 97 43' 35.7 grid = S 7 !

Trish Brilod = ___ ___ ___ ___   ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___

Anagram - a word or phrase made by transposing the letters of another word or phrase

Clip board, pen / pencil, GPS , water, bones / skulls, flashlight, camera, quarters...

If you are from out of town, or do not have time to enjoy the entire cache, please use your GPS to get you to this location (highlight text with mouse): N 30° 21.445 W 097° 48.738 The final code to enter the cache can be found from headstones and crypts within the Necropolis. :)


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Additional Hints (Decrypt)

Vs gur gerr gnt vf zvffvat sbe fgntr svir, gur pyhr vf P gjragl-fvk (cyrnfr hfr ahzoref sbe guvf)

Decryption Key


(letter above equals below, and vice versa)