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Ordinary Wizarding Levels (O.W.L.s)

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Geocache Description:

A tour of a number visually, architecturally, or historically interesting and/or eclectic locations in Denver, not commonly known to muggle kind. Submitted on the day when Albus Severus Potter rides the Hogwarts Express for the first time (09/01/2017).

Congratulations to Crumbcrunchers and Animjason for co-FTF!

Ordinary Wizarding Levels (abbreviated O.W.L.s) are subject-specific tests taken during Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry students' fifth year, administrated by the Wizarding Examinations Authority. The score made by a student on a particular O.W.L. determines whether or not he or she will be allowed to continue taking that subject (or any magical subject, for that matter) in subsequent school years.

Your O.W.L. examinations will take you to a number visually, architecturally, or historically interesting and eclectic locations in and near the neighboring village of "Deeeeennnnnnnvvvvuuuuuurrrrrrr" and will require a fair amount of time to complete properly. The examinations can be taken IN ANY ORDER, so proceed any way you like, just be sure to enjoy the journey along the way. Some students may require multiple attempts to complete ALL of the examinations successfully, but take heart, there will be no points deducted for more than one attempt!

We realize that the O.W.L.s are not for everyone and not every student will wish to take them. If you have any concerns whatsoever with these examinations PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT THEM! There's nothing wrong with being a squib!


For the general exam, be certain that you bring your wand (stick), a compulator (smartphone), and a piece of parchment and quill to keep track of your answers as they must be sent to the Examinations Authority by owl post (or muggle e-mail) before your "log" will be accepted. You are also required to post a answer-free photo from one of your stops with your wand (and yourself, optionally, if you wish) in the frame, so please make it a good one!

***NOTE: The items above are not a complete list of all prerequisite tools and materials. Please refer to the next section and beyond for more information!


Looking below, you will find each O.W.L. examination along with one (or more) set of coordinates and instructions. Be certain you read the exam carefully before proceeding to that location as there may be special instructions (or regent / tool prerequisites) required prior in order for you to successfully complete the examination!

And finally, a word of warning before you begin. While cheating may be highly tempting for students, you are hereby reminded that Anti-Cheating Spells are applied to all O.W.L. exam papers. Auto-Answer Quills, Remembralls, Detachable Cribbing Cuffs, and Self-Correcting Ink are all banned during the examination as well. Despite this, at least one student attempts to cheat every year, though none have been successful since the year 1896. If you cheat, you will most likely have your examination Incendioed and you will be expelled from Hogwarts immediately.


Potions --
N39 44.849 W104 56.633

As this year's O.W.L. Potions examination was carefully crafted by Professor Snape, you will undoubtedly notice that it has been made unnecessarily complex, requiring a number of *special* ingredients, tools, and instruments in order to maximize the rate of failure (and eyebrow scorching).

Despite the inspiring view to the west, Professor Snape insists that you refrain from any "silly wand waving and unnecessary caterwauling about the beautiful scenery" and focus on your careful tasks at hand. He also demands that you properly dispose of your potion-making supplies once the examination has concluded. And finally, Professor Snape would like to remind you that "any untimely deaths that occur during this examination shall not garner you with any additional points!"

To begin the exam, refer the professor's examination instructions and notes below:

Required Ingredients:

1 or more pieces of muggle money, preferably a well-browned version of the "penny" variety
1 Lemon (and likely a slicing spell unless you want to use your keys)
1 teaspoon of salt (or 5 salt packets lying around your father's enchanted Ford Angila or taken from your a nearby muggle "fast food" eating establishment)
1 small plastic bowl or a bag of "Zip-Loc"
1 wand/finger/stick to stir with

Upon arriving at the coordinates above, thoroughly squeeze the lemon contents/juice into your plastic container.

Next, add the prescribed amount of salt

Finally, using the soil from the surrounding area (which contains a number of magical properties), add a *small* pinch to your potion. Failing to add the proper amount (or none at all) will result in glorious failure!

Agitate / mix the ingredients well

Now, add a piece of muggle money to the potion. BE CAREFUL to note the appearance of each coin BEFORE it is added to the solution or your observations (like Mr. Ronald Weasley) will be pointless!

At precisely 123.4 seconds, and not a moment longer (unless you wish to no longer possess nasal hairs), remove the coin from your potion and note its new appearance describe it on your piece of answer parchment, next to the letter **A**. If you observe NO changes to the coin, you may attempt to place it into the potion for another 123.4 seconds (or try another coin).


Ancient Runes and Symbols
N39 43.417 W104 59.260
(Hours are limited from 10AM - 5PM daily)

Stars are an ancient symbol that has many uses and meanings, depending on its form (it's number of points), and it's context.

Stars are commonly associated with magic. Wizards are often seen with stars on their clothes, and the act of magic can be visually depicted with stars and starbursts.

Travel by broom, train, or Hippogriff to Hogwarts Castle (as everyone knows you can't Apparate within the grounds!) There, just inside the gates, you will meet the one world's most powerful wizards, the Hogwarts headmaster (and Sherbet Lemon connoisseur) Albus Dumbledore. Dumbledore will be wearing a historic wizarding outfit covered in a number of symbols.

Count the number of 5-point stars Dumbledore is wearing on his robes (do NOT count the star on the tip of the wand held in his hand).
Then, for good measure, count the number of moons Dumbledore is wearing on his hat.

Add the two numbers together and write the sum next to the letter **B** on your parchment.

Dumbledore always enjoys visiting with past and current Hogwarts students, so be certain that you take a photo with the Headmaster while you are there! (We'd like to see the photo as well, if you're willing to share!)

Transfiguration --
N 39 42.322 W 104 59.427

For this examination, we will be testing your ability to perform remote transfiguration. Before your arrival at this location, clear your mind and picture a pile of yellow gloves sitting outside on the ground. Using your wand, cast the CAPSIPCUM ANNUUM charm while you imagine the pile of gloves transforming into a symmetrical stack of "chips". Now, proceed to the coordinates and evaluate your results. If you find anything other than a giant stack of chips (e.g. a caroling stack of festive omelettes), try again. Otherwise, count the number of yellow "chips" and write your answer next to the letter **C** on your parchment.


Divination --
N39 43.927 W104 58.572

This year's examination takes place in a particularly haunted area and requires the proper use of a portable "WiFFy-enabled" compulator to help attune you to the spiritual vibrations coming from beyond the physical world!

Proceed to the coordinates specified. When you have arrived, activate your WiFFy device and clear your mind.

Try to concentrate on a 5 letter word that starts with the letter F and ends with the letter Z as you use your WiFFy device to make contact!

Warning, depending on your receptiveness to the surrounding spiritual energies, the message may be slightly distorted in some way... please keep this in mind as you search!

When (or if) you have received the correct answer, write it next to the letter **D** on your answer parchment ALONG with the time your answer was received from the spirit world!


Charms --
N 39 44.250 W 104 58.855

As you have already learned, the Patronus Charm is the most famous and one of the most powerful defensive charms known to wizardkind. It is an immensely complicated and extremely difficult spell that evokes a partially-tangible positive energy force known as a Patronus or spirit guardian. It is the primary protection against Dementors and Lethifolds, against which there are no other defense.

The purpose of this examination is to see whether you can properly identify a rare type of fully-corporal patronus. At the coordinates you will see a pair of lion-like patronuses guarding this historic home. What are they holding in their mouths? Write the answer next to **E1** on your piece of answer parchment. Behind the lions, lie another pair of patronuses. Identify these creatures and write their names next to the letter **E2**.

Arithmancy --
N39 43.934 W104 57.926

Arithmancy is a magical discipline that studies the magical properties of numbers, including predicting the future with numbers and numerology. When you arrive at the coordinates provide, you will see a structure to the east of you that was designed with magical numbers in mind to serve as a protective spell for the structure.

To determine the magical number used here, count the number of the rounded columns that make up the structure. Next, add 9 to this value. And finally, calculate the square root from this sum and write your answer next to the letter **F** on your answer parchment.

Herbology --
N 39 43.927 W 104 57.577

Near the entrance to these beautiful gardens, you will find a 36 foot, multicolored "plant" growing year-round. The plant is about as tall as one of the nearby structures. Please identify the name of this plant and write it next to the letter **G** on your parchment. HINT: The name is one word and starts with an A and was planted in 2010.

Please note, access from Floo network or Broom is next to impossible in this area due its popularity. The lack of other forms of parking (and your ingenuity in mitigating this) shall also be taken into account as part of your overall examination score!


Astronomy --
N 39 44.320 W 104 58.503

Ever since humans first noticed the regular movement of the Sun and the stars, we have wondered about the passage of time. Prehistoric people first recorded the phases of the Moon some 30,000 years ago, and recording time has been a way by which humanity has observed the heavens and represented the progress of civilization.

At this location, you will find one of the oldest wizarding school buildings in Denver. Facing north, you will see a large time-measuring device, mounted in a most peculiar location. Please identify the type of time-telling device being used, the current time being displayed, and the two words written above it. Write these answers on your parchment next to the letter **H**


History of Magic --
N39 44.012 W104 58.871

Don't be fooled by this well-known structure, believed by local muggles to be heavily haunted since it was built many years ago. It is actually a secret repository of wizarding knowledge, containing tens of thousands of books on various wizarding topics, across thousands of shelves. To gain access to the secret part of this facility, witches and wizards must utter the COGNITIO spell, followed by a secret number as they walk through the entrance (for future reference). The secret number can be found on the marker near the coordinates provided, under the name of the architect. Write the answer next to the letter **I** on your piece of parchment!


Care of Magical Creatures --
N 39 42.903 W 105 00.157

In this area, you will find a fantastical beast guarding a nearby facility. Mr. Newt Scamander, the famous Magizoologist, who donated the creature for this noble cause, has left a pile of invisible Groots for visitors, such as yourself, to feed and calm the the beast so he can be studied and appreciated more easily.

After you toss a few invisible Groots into the his mouth, locate the information placard placed nearby. What is this creature's name and what year was he born? Write the answers next to the letter **J** on your piece of parchment.


Defense Against the Dark Arts --
(Limited hours of availability from 8AM - 5PM daily)

At this location, you will come face to face some of your greatest and most daunting challenge! There are frightening creatures nearby, lurking in darkened corners, sitting and waiting, ever-patient, for an unsuspecting victim to arrive.

What are these creatures called? Collect information from a list of some of their victims below to identify them, before you become another statistic:

N39 47.632 W104 57.686
Here you will find Emily, Margaret, and James
The first and third letters of their last name

N39 47.637 W104 57.695
Here you will find John and Margaret on a vertical, family stone near a tree.
The first letter of Margaret's middle name

N39 47.601 W104 57.670
"June 23, 1850 -- Our Father Carl ..."
The first letter of his last name

N39 47.597 W104 57.663
Here you will find Lester...
The third letter of the last name

N39 47.552 W104 57.819
On the plaque, you shall find James H
The last letter of the last name
The seventh letter of the last name

Now, using your compulator, identify the spell that can be used to defend against this creature. Write the one word name of the spell next to your final answer of **K** on your answer parchment.



Have you finished? Please remember to send your final answers by owl post (or muggle e-mail, if you insist) and post an answer-free (but wand wielding) photo from one of your stops to your log! DO NOT POST YOUR ANSWERS TO ANY O.W.L EXAM QUESTIONS WITHIN YOUR LOG ENTRY! False logs and spoilerish photographs shall be removed as determined by the Examination Authority.

Good luck students! We hope you have enjoyed your examinations!

Virtual Reward - 2017/2018

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