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Saturday, 03 November 2012Florida

I attended last year’s inaugural event, but had to cut my visit short due to a close friend who chose that weekend to visit from out of town. No such problems this year.

I packed on Friday morning and headed off to HHSP with a few stops along the way. After setting up camp at the park (and finding I was next to Cache U Nuts) I decided to head into town for some caches. I got a few (including some solved puzzles), but others eluded me. I hung around town until the dinner event at the always outstanding Sebring Diner.

I woke up at dawn and made it over to the Bugs Breakfast, unloading a few TBs I had in my possession. Back at the park, I was at the Rec Hall for “Let’s Make A Deal” where I found the last nano. I held out until the end for the large ammo can, but alas didn’t win. I now own 2 nano blinkies, both of them won at events. I wouldn’t hide them otherwise, but I guess I’ll have to “inflict” another one on the local caching scene.

After the opening events, I headed down to briefly revisit the CCC museum for some puzzle info. I should have read the park literature as it would have prompted me to pay more attention to the CCC festival itself (something I have basically ignored both years). Then I hit the trails on my bike, encountering (and sometimes teaming with) various cachers at various caches. I later swung down to Loop Road and found mosquitoes as bad as feared on the trails there. I’ll see Fern one of these days! I visited the catwalk as well, but didn’t see the resident gator.

I headed up to the Dam Road and had good timing to encounter other cachers without which I might not have found the Decoy Duck nor Teyra Cat and Pyro. There was still some time before diner, but I was sufficiently worn out (and butt-sore) to end my biking for the day. I got a shower and headed over to the Rec Hall. Nice dinner and fun raffle though I didn’t win anything. Glad I brought that soda. I stayed around afterwards to pack up the chairs and tables; I did that as a part-time job at UNF a decade ago so I like to make use of my skills. I did manage to bust my big toe on the chair cart (not seriously) – perils of wearing sandals.

I got to the campfire circle in time to see the pyros go to work. Who in HHSP thought it was a good idea to have a tree partly overhang a group fire circle? I joined the hunt for the Firefly night cache. That was a great use of UV lights and UV paint! Then it was off to Spider Eyes with the EyeCache duo. Not much fire left after that; I hung out with BabyRuthie, DennisTheMenace2, and Whopper Jr who were also camped by me.

Sunday I was up not long after the new earlier dawn. I had planned on some PBJ breakfast, but decided to go into town instead. Village Inn had pumpkin pancakes, but I was not impressed. I should’ve just gone to Sebring Diner! I grabbed some more caches back in the park (and DNF’d a few) before my GPS had a stroke and lost all my geocaches! Fortunately, I had my Droid.

I took a break to pack up my tent then headed down to Seven Lakes for the puzzle caches; the Seven Dwarfs team had beat them. I was late for the CITO, but still got have my first experience with air potatoes. Got a badly needed shower then I was homeward bound. I would’ve liked to search for more caches, but I was sufficiently worn down by that point. Guess I have to come back! :)

Thanks to all the nice cachers I got to meet, chat with, and/or find caches with this weekend. Super-thanks to Rabid Duck and her team (Anachostic, Mama Duck, Shade’s Brigade, Ruthie) for putting on an amazing event with a great variety of caches! I’m pretty sure none of the other big events in Florida are being put on by as few people as this one which makes your accomplishment all the more impressive. It’s too bad the calendar worked out to sandwich this event between FFF8 and Going Caching (ex-Going Coastal ). Hopefully the park will pick a new weekend for CCC Fest?


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