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Found it antimony13 found Z Challenge: 50 Corny Caches

Thursday, November 22, 2012Wisconsin

I found this cache & signed the log on 9/6/12, & I was unsure if I met the cache qualifications.

Today I finished going through my list of cache finds & realized that I do have enough ‘corny’ caches to post a find:

AV8R, GC521C, 06/11/02
TinMan, GC9048, 01/09/03
A piece of Coral in John’s fork, GC38F0, 01/27/03
Miller Hi!, GC8735, 03/20/03
'Gopher' It!, GCC8FB, 06/18/03
Yes, Virginia, there is a Sandy Cache, GCDA05, 11/19/03
Even I Wooden Want To Do This!, GCMEPW, 01/17/05
What a D.U.M. place for a Cache!, GCPA3A, 06/27/05
See B. Smith , GCN03E, 06/28/05
Don't Bark at me like that!, GCPYCG, 09/04/05
Foxy OB, GCT0AX, 04/17/06
Cache your breath here!, GC936D, 04/22/06
That's Plumb Crazy!, GCQ0PY, 05/08/06
You can't Stump me!, GCT9A1, 05/08/06
Get a Mooooooove On!, GCHKCF, 07/29/06
Clam Up, GCH926, 08/16/06
It Won't Float Your Boat, GCTPHN, 08/20/06
Cow Hunters of Lake Placid?, GCQP7T, 09/05/06
Hunt-a-ton, GCYHG4, 09/27/06
Bridging the Gap, GC110W6, 02/19/07
Tag, You're It!, GC10933, 02/22/07
"GoFer" Apple Cache, GCHPTM, 02/24/07
Tag 'n Cash, GC10PKH, 02/24/07
Cash 'n Along, GC10PKK, 02/24/07
GeoCash, GC10PKM, 02/24/07
More Men, GC10END, 03/27/07
This One Is A Bayer...'er Bear, GCZ3EZ, 03/30/07
u otter check us out, GCGH34, 03/31/07
Stumped Again...and Again, GCKKFM, 04/01/07
ROCK OF AGES, GCRR10, 04/01/07
Sleeping like a log....zzz......., GCT9AC, 04/05/07
That's not soup, GC10KWQ, 04/29/07
If At Verse You Don't Succeed, GCYPCV, 04/29/07
You've Got Mail !, GC10XHT, 05/01/07
STOP for the Unnamed Historical Sight, GCP2EN, 05/25/07
Denny's the Menace, GCZBCV, 05/27/07
EZ with the Lettuce, GCQGZC, 06/10/07
Lettuce Get Off the paved Trail II, GCVFRW, 06/10/07
Are you Sirius!?, GC1211M, 06/18/07
Gracias like a Gringo, GC1318P, 06/30/07
Guarding Inverrary West, GC12RJF, 11/30/07
No Vacancy !, GCY23D, 12/01/07
Bill Gate$ Ca$h Cache, GC17HE6, 12/08/07
Burnt Out, GC17973, 12/09/07
Upstairs room "For Rent", GCY2M0, 12/30/07
Don't you feel Crunchy now?, GCZCA7, 12/30/07
Puzzles are the Best Cache Type!, GC1434M, 01/19/08
Wood You Believe..., GC13VTE, 01/29/08
Ready to Volunteer?, GC13YA9, 02/02/08
They call this the shell game?, GC18E31, 02/16/08
When Alligator "Alley" Attacks..., GCJ2P5, 02/17/08
Woodhenge, GC17C3R, 05/15/08
No Stone Unturned, GC1D62Y, 06/13/08
I've Fallen and I Can't Get Up!, GC1ARWV, 06/15/08
JP010, Oh, for JUNGLEPETE Sakes!, GCPETE, 10/29/08
Bike Trail DECON Stumped, GC1HMCD, 12/03/08
Time 2 LOG Your Find, GC1HGT9, 12/03/08
The Black Forest (cake), GC1HBCJ, 12/04/08
FTF # 21 ~ Guarding the Gardens, GC1JM5M, 01/02/09
Putting On The Reitz, GCJ519, 01/07/09
Wreck and Roll, GC12HA8, 03/17/09
All Quiet on the Westin Front, GC12FBP, 03/27/09
Like a rock, GCZWN5, 06/21/09
Only Right, GC1891V, 06/23/09
Guarding Riverland, GC125WD, 07/07/09
I Red you like a book, GC20WG8, 12/05/09
Point to the Eagle, GC1Y5Q2, 03/13/10
GUARDian of Doral, GC1BFPN, 08/10/10
We B Toyz, GC2B3RB, 09/06/10
It’s A Hoot!, GC229A4, 10/09/10
The Coast(land) is Clear!, GCZK46, 10/29/10
Just Wing It!, GC2MDAD, 02/11/11
Pi Faced, GC2HGWA, 03/14/11
Well Guarded View, GC2QZH9, 05/21/11
Bison Crazy Fly, GC25H9W, 05/30/11
I Drought It, GC2MF2H, 07/02/11
Pump It Up!, GC2TK04, 01/12/12
The Night The Lights Went Out In GA, er Florida, GC38TA4, 01/21/12
CREW Rookery Final, Fowl Language, GC343JW, 02/17/12
Guarded, GC1BHQM, 03/25/12
Hey there Benny!, GC3ERFQ, 09/24/12
Just Chili, GC3FJYB, 09/25/12
The Markham Park Buffalo, GC2HYGQ, 10/08/12
Keep On Rockin, GC2HYFW, 10/24/12
Molly's Slip Sliding Away, GC33XC0, 11/11/12

Thanks for the challenge! I loved the cache container! (Cache find #2508, puzzle cache #331).

Motogrrl was here.

antimony13 at Z Challenge: 50 Corny Caches

infoA Mystery Cache is the “catch-all” of cache types, this form of cache can involve complicated puzzles you will first need to solve to determine the coordinates. The only commonality of this cache type is that the coordinates listed are not of the actual cache location but a general reference point, such as a nearby parking location. Due to the increasing creativity of geocaching this becomes the staging ground for new and unique challenges.
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