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Wednesday, 01 June 2011North Wales, United Kingdom

I have had to write many emails to cachers who have incorrectly logged and then get emails back saying 'why' ?, or 'aren't you being petty?' or 'isnt that an aditional logging requirement' - so to answer these here is an explanation regarding the rationale behind two main requirements -
1) hands in the air,
2) group photos have to be named.

Firstly - this issue has finally been recognised by groundspeak with the following taken from their guidelines on webcam caches:-
"To log a Webcam Cache, follow these steps:At the posted coordinates, stand within view of the associated webcam.Go to the website that shows the webcam feed. If the webcam is not in service you cannot claim your “find” online.Follow the instructions on the cache page. Sometimes the cache owner will require you to pose in a specific location or in a specific way.Use your phone to capture a screenshot of the webcam image or arrange for a friend to take a screenshot on a computer.To post your log, select the “Webcam Photo Taken” log type and attach your captured webcam image."

Webcam caches are solely reliant on an image being provided, unlike any other cache type. With both our webcams we have required a means by which cachers can be identified - most other caches have log books which are signed, or in the case of EC questions to be answered, all relying on a CO to check if they are so inclined. These can be physically checked - webcam caches cannot and are reliant on the image provided being genuine and 99% of the time these are. However over the years I have seen with other webcam caches and have had myself spurious claims where there are a whole bunch of people in the image and no means of knowing whether the 'finder' was actually there.
We have prided ourselves in having a process in which cachers can be identified,
The first is getting the cacher to do something different - in this case putting their hands up. That way we can see it is a cacher or group of cachers in the image and not just someone standing in the garden (for Stick em up 2) or on the forecourt (Stick em up)
In addition, if there is a group there needs to be a way for the cachers to distinguish themselves in the image, hence the reason for the request to annotate the image (arrows with names pointing to the individual). The reason for this is, it has been known and seen that existing images have been used where there are many people in the image provided and spurious loggers have used this saying they were there, unless those images have been anotated, it is not possible to clarify this. It is not an additional logging requirement it is a safeguard to ensure only cachers who were there are the only ones who claim the find. The only allowed change to this is on organised group days (for megas) where cachers actually sign a log sheet, they are in groups, those groups are numbered, when logging all that is needed in the log is mention of the group number – the log sheet provides the rest. I have had logs from people saying they were in group x but weren't. We pride ourselves in ensuring the integrity of these webcam caches, and hope this has been sufficient explanation to that end.
Thank you

infoA Webcam "cache" are caches that use existing web cameras placed by individuals or agencies that monitor various areas like parks or road conditions. The idea is to get yourself in front of the camera to log your visit. The challenging part, however, it that you need to call a friend to look up the web site that displays the camera shot. You will need to have them to save the picture to log the cache. You could also use your wireless modem or cell phoneand save the image yourself on your laptop. Webcam caches are now in the Web Camera category on
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