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Found it btrodrigues found A Rocha

Sunday, August 24, 2008Beja, Portugal

One of the highlights of the day was the prospect of paying a visit to this cache after sweeping the powertrail and giving it a few finishing details. Filipe had been in touch with the Oliveiras and after we drove back to Malhão to get his car, we headed here to finally meet Miguel and Cristina, who were already trying to get the first cache.

Getting a 2x4 cachemobile on the suggested parking spot is somewhat tricky, so we climbed into the fearless GeoCricketMobile for the final kilometer or so.

The unveiling of the landscape as we arrive near GZ coming from the parking spot is just indescribable. The (IMHO) crappy pictures that the cache page features don't help much, and this was my first impression, but I haven't been able to take a single picture that covers the uniqueness and sheer grandiosity of the structure using a relatively expensive combo of lenses and camera. I wouldn't have made it (much) better. You're forgiven. No photos can describe the look of the thing.

(of course it would look a gazillion times much better if there was a lot of water flowing down and a decent sized pool fed by the waterfall, but as much as this looked like misplaced in time and space, it doesn't hurt to dream a little)

Finding the first cache was a little painful, as the GPSr tend to point back and forth and it's hard to get a fix near the rock. Once we got a "stable" reading with <10m accuracy, it would be a matter of persistence. It appeared out of nowhere, a little blue bag bit showing up and all that jazz. Cool. Because the hint is... hmm... irrelevant? Now it was time to make the choice and choose the upward approach carefully. As we already were halfway up the hill, we tried that one, which proved to be quite challenging, in all of the 3 spots me, Filipe and Miguel used to access the top. It took some sweat and some climbing skills... but it was not over... Once at the top, heading to the final location involved messing with the thorns and bushes and I think none of us left unharmed as we approached GZ. Small scars are nothing compared to the satisfaction of reaching the top and finding the final cache and be able to witness the look of the mammoth from above.

As of the house seen from the top of the rock, I've got a friggin' envy (proportionally sized to the rock) of the lucky bastards owning it. I took a mental note of the thing and I'll try to get back later using the road we saw.

As usual, the way down was made through the "other" approach, which proved, just like Murphy teaches, to be considerably easier.

This is a serious case of a great cache. Straight to the favorites for the monstrosity and boldness of the landmark. Congratulations!

In: Golf ball
Out: Geocoin

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a rocha I

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