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Found it van der Decken found Brass Cap Cache- Smith-Dorrien Rd (Locked)

Sunday, 13 May 2012Alberta, Canada

N 51° 07.137 W 114° 02.073

BCP573 - Horseshoe Dam
Elev. 1272 metres

It was a gorgeous day for a walk along the Bow. The sun was shining and though it was warm verging on hot, the wind kept the hike from being a sweaty slog. Instead, it was an invigorating walk in a beautiful setting.

A well used trail led off the end of the road, and though it started off with a muddy crossing that's the only time I ran into those conditions for the whole trip. I had TiE and BVPete's track log with me but ended up finding another route for much of the way there. In the middle part of the journey instead of descending to the muddy banks or going higher to the road, I found a path that followed the top of the cliff. Lots and lots of views and no muddy feet; I'd call that a win.

I can't say enough about what a great walk this is. The trail offers wonderful views at practically every turn, with hardly a hill to be climbed at all (sorry Peter!). In the entires 4.2 km from the car to the dam, I had to climb over exactly one fallen tree and I probably could have avoided that if I'd tried. Even the one coulee that I went through near the end could have been avoided (and in wet times, that might be a good idea) had I so desired.

Are you getting the idea that I liked the walk?

The spring flowers are just getting started. The crocuses are now being joined by shooting stars, early blue violets and a yellow flower that remind me of snapdragons. And the trees are really greening up now. No more brown, brown, brown for at least a few months.

There's lots of evidence that this area has been used for cattle grazing fairly recently, but they haven't set foot here this season, I think. So there's no fresh bovine land mines to avoid -- but no promises for next week!

There were a couple of groups whooping it up on the other side of the river near the mid point of my trip. It looks like it's possibly to drive along the south side for at least half the distance to the dam. I wondered if I'd find any of the occupants of the other cars I'd parked with as I walked towards the dam. I didn't, but I did have one surprise in the last kilometre as the views opened up; an SUV was just leaving the dam as I came out of the trees for the last time. Apparently, it [i]is[/i] possible to turn this cap into a drive-up (don't tell OBA!).

Even so, you'd be cheating yourself out of at least half of the joy of the trip. The walk is worth it, and then some.

Oh yes, there was a cap out here, wasn't there? I was almost forgetting that! Well, it's more a pin than a cap but why quibble? This one is all about the views. But on to the pin. Home in on the electrical pole by the riverbank as you cross the grassy plain until you're close enough to see the marker post. After that you're home free. The pin is about a foot away from the base of the post in the direction of the nearest guy wire.

The wind was getting pretty gusty by this point so I took the pictures I needed, took the briefest of looks around as I shot some photos then headed back home. All in all, it was a wonderful way to spend a few hours on a sunny Sunday afternoon. Thanks for the cap outforthehunt. And thanks for the walk with a view. And another view. And another, and another, and another...

BCP573Okay, not brass, and not a cap. On this one, it doesn't matter. Just lift your eyes and look around and you'll see!

Additional Images Additional Images

BCP573 BCP573

BCP573 in context BCP573 in context

Horseshoe Dam Horseshoe Dam

Buffalo Bean Buffalo Bean

Shooting star Shooting star

A river view framed by trees A river view framed by trees

Sun on the Bow Sun on the Bow

Cow was on the menu for someone! Cow was on the menu for someone!

Bow Valley view Bow Valley view

A panoramic view from BCP573 A panoramic view from BCP573

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