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Found it Andronicus found Brass Cap Cache- Smith-Dorrien Rd (Locked)

Saturday, 26 June 2010Alberta, Canada

BCP472 Syncline Mountain
N49 21.162 W114 26.298
accuracy: 2m
Elevation 2442m
accuracy: 4m

Track log

Headed out from town around 0400h. We saw the partial lunar eclips on the drive, that was kind of cool.

We got to the "trail head" at around 0700h, but waited till about 0740h to hit the "trail". We started heading up a little North of our intended spot. This resulted in the crossing of a small creek, but no problems. The forest for the first 20min. or so had moderate deadfall and undergroth, but not too bad. Once we came out of that forest, it was lightly treed and all obsticals were easy to get around. There was a fair bit of snow to the left of the ridge, so we (Sleepy_hollow and I) mostly kept left, skimming the rocky section.

AceForceOne and Josh met up with the crew just below "The Gates". Sleepy_hollow and I cut left just above The Gates to skirt under the snow pack, then strait up to the summit (instead of the planned rout allong the ridge).

After the summit photos and recording the Brass Cap data, we decided to attempt Summit #2. After the first rock peak was by-passed, RedRouge, J2D2, and Sleepy_hollow desided to stay back and climb the rocky peaks, and grab some caches in the valley, while AceForceOne, Josh, reastick, and I kept on going.

We took the rout to the right of the second rocky peak. It was somewhat technical, but not too tough. The walk along the saddle was enjoyable. When we started heading up summit #2, we cut to the right to avoid the scree. That worked out realy well, and the summit kind of supprised us. We took a second lunch break, and I palced a cache. Then we decided to try Summit #3.

The scramble down the back of summit #2 was again a bit technical, but not too tough. There were alot of loos rockes, so we went down one at a time to avoid nocking rockes onto eachother. We kept as high on the scree as we could. When we go to the next saddle, we were able to get to the right side easly. We kept right of the three large bands of rock cliffs, then headed up. It was a little grueling. We had some more photos, and another lunch break at the summit.

We decided to take the Suiscde creek rout to get out. We kept much farther left that the planned rout. We were trying to find some scree to head down on. There was not a lot, but we did find some. This rout turned out to be rather tough as we kept running into cliffs etc., but in the end, was better because we avoided a lot of bolder fields, and bushwacking. Once we got down to Suicide creek, we had some easy bushwaching, followed by very difficult bushwacking. We found a quad trail that lead to suicide falls. I was low on water, and seeing we still had a long ways to go, I (and some of the others) risked it, and filled my hydration pack in the falls. After a little break, we headed off agian, and encountered even worse bush. The deadfall was brutal, and the underbrush was very thick. We were happy whenever we found snow (it packed down the brush, and we could walk somewhat unencoumbed). When we finaly found the real quad trail, we were all very happy. It was still a long hike out, but was much easyer. Even thought the trail dropped the remaining 500m of elevation by going strait down, it was a welcome break from the bush. When we neared the road, and only had 50m of elevation remaining to drop, we ran into some bikeres in the "Full Moon In June" race.

We finaly go to the road at about 1900h. The track log says 11h44min., 16.4km flat distance, 17.2km real distance, 1815m of total elevation gain.

This entry was edited by Andronicus on Tuesday, 06 July 2010 at 09:06:00.

The Objective

Additional Images Additional Images

The Objective The Objective

RedRouge Bushwacking RedRouge Bushwacking

A small water fall on the route up. A small water fall on the route up.

Some of the crew approching "the gates" Some of the crew approching "the gates"

The whole crew at Syncline summit #1 The whole crew at Syncline summit #1

Setting up the camera for a group shot Setting up the camera for a group shot

The Next Objective The Next Objective

Crossing the snow Crossing the snow

Sleepy_hollow, j2d2, and RedRouge Sleepy_hollow, j2d2, and RedRouge

reastick at Summit #2 reastick at Summit #2

The Third Summit (final objective) The Third Summit (final objective)

Working our way done off of the 2nd summit Working our way done off of the 2nd summit

reastick, working our way over to the third summit reastick, working our way over to the third summit

reastick (again) making the final push to the top reastick (again) making the final push to the top

At the 3rd summit At the 3rd summit

Some cool rock formation on the way down Some cool rock formation on the way down

Suicide Falls Suicide Falls

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