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Found it Takin it Easy found Brass Cap Cache- Smith-Dorrien Rd (Locked)

Tuesday, 21 April 2009Alberta, Canada

BCP063 Calgary (Calgary Tower)
Posted N51° 02.658 W114° 03.787
GPSr N51° 02.659 W114° 03.786

I have spent many a sleepless night trying to figure out how to get this cap. I don't have access to the Hubble telescope, military satelllites, helicopters, super pick-up trucks, time machines, x-ray lenses... so I'd have to try something else. Think... think... think... Ahhh, I'm not smart enough to come up with anything so I decided to hire the help of a Super Genious... Wile E. Coyote. My old friend from my childhood days was glad to take a break from chasing that Super-Sonicus-Tastius Road Runner. We met at the base of the tower where he had a few crates all with the Acme Corporation written on them. His first suggestion was to eat the Acme Triple Strength Fortified Leg Muscle Vitamins. I had instant super strength in my legs and took a run at the tower. Instead of running up the side of the tower I ended up smashing right into the side of the building. Once I regained consciousness he opened up the Acme seesaw. People were starting to gather from inside the tower to watch what was going on. I sat on one side of the seesaw and he dropped a boulder from an adjacent building to propel me to the top. As expected, when he dropped the boulder, a shadow appeared over my head and I managed to hold up a "RIP" sign before I was knocked unconscious yet again. After waking up again, he pulled out the Acme catapult. Now even more people started to gather around us from inside the building. I sat in the catapult, pulled the cord and the catapult merely flipped upside down and smashed me into the ground. I managed to stay conscious but I was starting to have doubts on getting to the cap today. What is it with these Acme products? As more people gathered from inside the tower, next up was the Acme longbow... well to simplify the log you can imagine what happend with that one. Just then, who shows up but that old Burn-em-Upus-Asphaltus Road Runner. The Road Runner chirps out a "Beep-Beep" and then zips down 9th Avenue. The Coyote throws on a pair of Acme Rocket Powered Roller Skates and chases after him. It was at that moment that I realized that everyone in the tower was now outside watching the spectacle. I took the opportunity to run inside, up the elevator, out the maintenance door, up to the radio mast, snap a photo of the cap and was back downstairs before anyone noticed. Phew! Glad to finally log that one. Numbers have been sent. Thanks for the cap. Not sure if the Coyote got the Road Runner this time... but something tells me he didn't. Beep-Beep!

infoA virtual cache is a cache that exists in a form of a location. Depending on the cache "hider," a virtual cache could be to answer a question about a location, an interesting spot, a task, etc. The reward for these caches is the location itself and sharing information about your visit.

Because of the nature of these geocaches, you must actually visit the location and acquire the coordinates there before you can post. In addition, although many locations are interesting, a virtual cache should be out of the ordinary enough to warrant logging a visit.

Virtuals are now considered waymarks on
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