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Write note royal rogues family posted a note for Brass Cap Cache- Smith-Dorrien Rd (Locked)

Sunday, 10 May 2015Alberta, Canada

Part 2


May 3, 2000
"The Great American GPS Stash Hunt"
N 45° 17.460 W 122° 24.800

“So if we understand correctly, this group of aliens called the Daleks is trying to prevent geocaching from ever starting,” I said.

“That’s correct,” The Doctor said. “They’re trying to prevent Dave Ulmer from placing the precursor to geocaching on this day.”

“Why would they do that?” the royal rogues daddy asked.

“Why?” The Doctor’s gaze was piercing. “The Daleks are evil! Geocaching is a fun hobby that makes billions and billions of beings across the universe happy. Of course the Daleks want to destroy it!”

A horrid screeching noise came across the ship's communication system. “Exterminate geocaching!” it shrieked. “Exterminate geocaching!”

The royal rogues son did not like this screeching noise. I don’t know how he knew what to do, but he knew exactly what needed to be done. On one of the screens, he watched this flurry of cylindrical-looking robotic aliens flying across the sky toward where Dave Ulmer was about to place the original geocaching stash. The royal rogues son ran across the room, pressed a series of brightly coloured buttons, and as fast as the Daleks had been flying across the sky, they began being sucked backward into a hole. He had also been able to prevent anything but the Daleks from being taken into the hole.

“Brilliant!” The Doctor exclaimed. “The royal rogues son has opened a pocket universe in which to place the Daleks. This lot will never return, and geocaching will be safe!”

The four of us hugged as the last of the Daleks disappeared and the opening to the pocket universe closed up.


May 10, 2015
BCP 063 Calgary Tower
N 51° 02.658 W 114° 03.787

That wasn’t the end of our adventures with The Doctor. His TARDIS could travel through time and space, so the four of us had a fantastic time finding caches on other planetary bodies elsewhere in the universe. Unfortunately, because of what the Doctor called “wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey stuff”, those finds won’t show up in our account until the actual dates of the finds.

We even placed an Earthcache, which we should properly call a Marscache here, on Mars to do with its northern polar ice cap. The Doctor is an Earthcache/Marscache reviewer, so our cache was approved immediately. However, it’ll be another 200 years before anyone will be able to claim a smiley on it.

When we returned to our time period to Earth, The Doctor stopped his police box in Cochrane’s neighbourhood of Riversong. It both seemed to amuse him and bring some tears to his eyes. And as a favour to us, he took the TARDIS to the top of Calgary Tower so we could get the requisite numbers off the brass cap and claim this find.

And just as suddenly, we found ourselves in the elevator as if nothing had happened and began the ride to the observation deck. We tried to get a picture of the TARDIS from the clear floor as The Doctor left, we assumed to get his friend Clara her long-promised coffee, but someone’s left leg is unfortunately blocking where you could see the TARDIS.

Thanks for another fun brass cap and helping us to go on such a wild adventure!

royal rogues mama

infoA virtual cache is a cache that exists in a form of a location. Depending on the cache "hider," a virtual cache could be to answer a question about a location, an interesting spot, a task, etc. The reward for these caches is the location itself and sharing information about your visit.

Because of the nature of these geocaches, you must actually visit the location and acquire the coordinates there before you can post. In addition, although many locations are interesting, a virtual cache should be out of the ordinary enough to warrant logging a visit.

Virtuals are now considered waymarks on
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