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Write note Takin it Easy posted a note for Brass Cap Cache- Smith-Dorrien Rd (Locked)

Sunday, May 21, 2017Alberta, Canada

BCP756 Surveyors Ridge
Posted: N50° 41.613 W114° 44.785
GPSr: N50° 41.611 W114° 44.788

2Sloths was in town this weekend and as usual we planned another adventurous hike. We decided on Surveyor's Ridge now that the winter gate was open and last week's snow would hopefully be gone. We prepared all conditions and brought along gaiters, a shovel, snow spikes, heavy coats etc... As we approached parking, we spotted Mt. Ware an there only appeared to be a skiff of snow up top, so we left all the winter gear behind except for the shovel as you never know... and we had a cap to find. That was a BIG mistake even with the 20C temps today! As we rolled into the parking lot, there was one other car already there and 2 hikers out that had their eyes fixed on the nearby trail. We approached and spotted a large male grizzly lumbering along. He spotted the four of us, looked at us with little interest, grunted a few times and then went on his way. He appeared to be heading away from where we wanted to go, so we joined the other hikers who were headed up Volcano Ridge for the first 2km for safety and then headed to wards Surveyor's Ridge on our own. The trail was really muddy for the first few 100 metres and was then in good shape. There were 2 creek crossing without bridges to manage, but there was a thin section of winter snow on both that supported our weight to make the crossings. Nice! The Volcano Ridge Trail was where the up really started but the trail was in great shape. Once we reached the junction for the Surveyor's Ridge Trail the trail became snow covered with lots of wet spots. As we ascended the cut line, the snow got deeper with running water underneath. Boy we were wishing we had our gaiters with us. As we made the turn for the last km up the ridge though the forest, the snow alternated between ankle and hip deep. That last km took us almost an hour to ascend, but we eventually made it to the summit and the cap. Thankfully the ridge from here was relatively snow free and the cap was a quick find. Woohoo. 2Sloths removed his waterproof boots, which were new, and literally poured water out of them. The wet snow had just kept pouring in over the top of his boots for the couple of hours in the snow. We spent a good hour up top taking in the views which were amazing and drying out 2Sloth's footwear with the gentle breeze. Another great cap adventure with 2Sloths. We took a different way down off the steep east face and avoided much of the nasty stuff that was on the published route coming up. The snow had really started melting with streams running down some of the previously snow covered spots. Thankfully one of the the snow bridges was still there but had formed some significant cracks. The other required a log to get back over. We ended up hiking 17.7km with about 650m of elevation gain today. Another cap adventure with 2Sloths in an amazing location! Thanks for the cap OFTH! [FOUND]

Waterfall into Gorge Creek

Additional Images Additional Images

Waterfall into Gorge Creek Waterfall into Gorge Creek

Start of Surveyor Start of Surveyor's Ridge Trail (minimal snow)

View of Surveyor View of Surveyor's Ridge (to the right)

One of the water holes One of the water holes

On the cutline... stay to the right On the cutline... stay to the right

Postholing... just before the really bad stuff Postholing... just before the really bad stuff

Approaching the ridge... finally out of the snow Approaching the ridge... finally out of the snow

BCP756 in Context with Cairn BCP756 in Context with Cairn

2Sloths Socks Drying Operation 2Sloths Socks Drying Operation

TiE at the summit TiE at the summit

Along Surveyor Along Surveyor's Ridge

Track Profile Track Profile

Track Log Track Log

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