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Travel Bug Dog Tag I Solved the Geodyssey Remote Challenge

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Friday, 29 January 2016
Florida, United States
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Everyone who logged a "Discovered It" note on this travel bug has solved all of the puzzles in the Remote Challenge of the Geodyssey puzzlehunt.

The solutions to the first seven puzzles in this challenge each reference a different benchmark listed on, all of which are located in Broward County, Florida, near the city of Fort Lauderdale. Completing this challenge requires searching the log entries of all seven benchmarks.

This is a virtual travel bug. Please add "Discovered It" log entries only - do not retrieve it from the owner!

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Discovered It 07/14/2021 bolmsted discovered it Florida   Visit Log

I had a great time solving these challenging puzzle. I got stuck on puzzle 8 & set it aside for a couple of months.

Discovered It 01/17/2019 énigmatix discovered it Florida   Visit Log

Great series of puzzles, I appreciated the work that went into it. I struggled a bit on a couple of puzzles but the rest went pretty smoothly, apart from a few hiccups with the web server.
Thanks for the fun!

Discovered It 09/16/2018 moocher2notyou discovered it Florida   Visit Log

What a great puzzle series - I solved the remote version since I live in Pennsylvania and do not plan on going to Florida anytime soon. I really enjoyed the series as many times I would work on the puzzles instead of doing actual school work. Puzzle 13 was probably my favorite on how it all came together. Loved the fact that the puzzles were solvable and had a theme - the way puzzles should be made. Well done and I am proud to display the Geodyssey Badge on my profile page.

Discovered It 09/16/2018 NoBlueCircles discovered it Florida   Visit Log

Greetings from Lancaster County, PA!

Really enjoyed the challenge of working on these puzzles. Made continuous progress on them over the past couple weeks. Some obstacles were easily hurdled, others took much longer to overcome. For now, I'm keeping my artwork from number 13 as a trophy! Thanks for placing this Geodyssey puzzle series!

Discovered It 05/02/2018 wendyhue discovered it Florida   Visit Log

What a fun puzzle! I came across it in January of last year and worked on it off and on for 8 days before getting stuck on puzzle #13. The puzzle sat on my desk at work until I picked it up again two days ago. Thank you for all of your hard work!

Discovered It 03/08/2018 puzzlybird discovered it Florida   Visit Log

This puzzle series was so much fun! I really like the variety of puzzle challenges and levels of difficulty. Thank you for creating this.

Discovered It 01/23/2018 bzh972 discovered it Florida   Visit Log

Two days ago Ms 972 was supposed to select 15 or so puzzles caches in Fort Lauderdale area to try solving them before the family trip to Florida.
We had great pleasure last year solving 101 so when she stumbled upon geodyssey, she took a look. More than just a look.
Meanwhile Mr was abrode. From time to time he looked at what were these puzzles. For a few of them that Ms hadn't solved yet, he could provide with some help and even with a solution.
Two days and a bunch of paper/sheet/gimp later, she can now go back (please read begin) to list the puzzle caches to be solved.
Once again a nice adventure, remotely lived. It's now time to go to the field !
Thanks for this stupendous puzzle

Discovered It 06/14/2017 KBLAST discovered it   Visit Log

Greetings from Ohio!

My daughter was in marching band this past year. This was the year that her spring break was in Disney World, so we made the trip to Florida to enjoy the Mouse and visit family. my wife's dad lived in Deerfield Beach, FL. I'm a HUGE fan of epic geocaches and love completing and then promoting caches that I hope people would enjoy and that might be unsung heroes of the geocaching community (at least by my estimation.) I created the website to emphasize and highlight these excellently created and much enjoyed geocaches.

When I was looking through the area for awesome caches, for some reason this one never came up using any of my usual tools. Geodyssey actually popped up on my very last day in Florida as we were driving around and I did a quick scan for "caches I haven't found in this area." With only one evening left in Florida, and from the looks of the logs, I didn't think there was much of a chance of completing this behemoth before heading back up to Ohio.

I contacted the CO and had two feelings - 1) I'm so excited to find another amazing puzzle challenge to keep me entertained and to keep me up late at night, and 2) dang it - why couldn't I have found out about this sooner so that I could actually go and log the geocache?

Those feelings were at war with one another for a few months until just recently when a bout with diverticulitis landed me in the hospital. After being in the hospital for almost 2 weeks, I put a call out to my puzzle caching friends and asked them to come enjoy this puzzle with me. We worked primarily on the Bond puzzle during our couple of hours, and one of my friends is a huge Coulton fan, so the afternoon/evening was a HUGE success. I have a feeling you'll be seeing logs here soon from some of those friends. 😉

I was discharged from the hospital and told to sit still and not do much. PERFECT! So I finished this beautiful creation.

I have NO IDEA when I'll ever be in South Florida again. We already experienced all of the keys as one of our vacation days, and Lisa's dad moved to Texas. If I make it back down this way, though, this will be a high priority, right up there with the Christmas Cache that was disabled the week I happened to be in Florida (rotten luck part 2!) Thank you for your responses to my questions and for being a lovely sounding board as I tried to get my feet off the ground, eP. And thanks for the amazing and epic geocaching puzzle!

Discovered It 05/27/2017 Lion Fish discovered it   Visit Log

We opted for the 'Remote' Challenge - as we live 12,800 kilometres away in New Zealand. Thoroughly, thoroughly enjoyed the journey ...loving the twists and turns along the way.
Luckily we had kept our notes, as they of course became handy in the later stages.
What an experience! The trickiest for us was Puzzle 5 - we never did get Penta-Frustration 100 per cent sorted out, but we were able to work around that 😉 .

Thank you ePeterso2, very much. You are an inspiration, and have left us even more motivated to continue both solving, and creating, puzzle/mystery caches. Well done!!! 😁 😁 😁

Discovered It 12/23/2016 uciphd discovered it   Visit Log

Wow, what a very fun last couple of days it has been!

With Christmas coming and work verrry slow yesterday my mind started wandering off to our upcoming February vacation in South Florida. Naturally I started checking for puzzle caches around town and my searches soon led me to the Geodyssey. Once I saw the first puzzle I was hooked, in part because I own similar Matchagram-style geocache puzzles in CO and MA. Once I got started, I just couldn't stop...

The first seven puzzles were a lot of fun and most of them went pretty smoothly (although I admit that #6 looked like a lot of work at the time so I back-doored a temporary solution so I could keep forging ahead). The subsequent puzzles just kept coming getting better and better. Since logic puzzles are my forte, I really enjoyed the Star Battle (even found another valid solution) and the Paint by Numbers (which I've also done as a geo-puzzle in the past. Another unexpected thing that I learned in the process is that I've now become a closet JoCo fan; "Still Alive" is my new favorite since I'm a scientist by trade. By far my favorite puzzle of the lot was #13 - what a stroke of genius! And I must give credit to my wife for coolly solving #14 last night when I thought I had hit the wall.

ePeterso2 - THANK YOU very much for creating these puzzles. The last couple days have been a pleasure and a treat... it was like getting a brand new issue of Games Magazine - except better since it was in vivid color! This series reminded me a lot of the Puzzle Gauntlet series in Rhode Island. Each of these puzzles could've been their own high-quality stand-alone cache if so desired. Come February I am going to make every effort possible to try and physically find the Geodyssey cache. And hey, if the timing is right maybe I'll even get to meet the CO - that would be a great end to this fantastic journey.

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