Brave the Unknown!

Magic: The Gathering is releasing thousands of trackables to geocachers and fans all over the world! As you explore, share photos of your adventures on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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Ready to Get Started?

Magic: The Gathering is the first, and most popular trading card game of all time.  You and a friend face off in a magical duel of powerful spells and epic creatures.

Magic fans and geocachers are invited to explore the newest plane of the Multiverse, IXALAN! On your journey, discover dangerous dinosaurs and plundering pirates as you seek out caches around the globe.  Take your Magic: The Gathering, IXALAN Treasure Piece trackable with you from cache to cache to reveal hidden secrets (and maybe some card previews).

Find a Magic: The Gathering Treasure Piece Trackable near you!

We’ve done it! #MTGGeocachers has reached its final mileage goal for #MTGXLN previews! Follow Magic’s Twitter account to see all of the previews.

Some geocachers are already Magic fans! Check out these Magic: The Gathering inspired geocaches from around the world.