Cache In Trash Out – Geocaching.com’s Lost & Found Video

Thousands of geocachers walk into parks, onto trails and off the beaten path to cleanup the environment each year.  The environmental movement is called Cache In Trash Out (CITO).  This past April 24th and 25th were no different.  But CITO doesn’t just take place on one weekend around Earth Day each year.  Geocachers often seek a cache and clear out trash on each trip.

Here’s a video tribute to the volunteer spirit of geocachers who play a part in CITO, each year and each geocache.  It’s an easy role to play in the ongoing environmental initiative, just find a CITO near you.

  • Our CITO group in Barbados has decided to “adopt” the 200 feet of ocean front this year. We found six tires, a car steering wheel, a laundry tub, and filled about 15 garbage bags. We even managed to “recycle” a dozen beverage bottles. You can see by the last picture that we enjoyed a swim in the Caribbean sea as our CITO reward! signed, Peabody.

  • Great job on the cach in trash out story