Charles Bridge from the northwest

World’s most-logged geocache (GC189E5) is Geocache of the Week!

Geocache of the Week is the world’s most logged geocache. Any guesses?

The Original Stash Tribute Plaque? No.
The Geocaching Headquarters cache? No.
Uh… Mingo? Nope.
That cool giraffe cache in Berlin? Nein.
Brazil’s APE cache? Not even close.

Drumroll please…

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Nargö — Geocache of the Week

by airavs,Lodzis, reperio_LV, bizenajs
Naissaar, Estonia
N 59° 33.454′ E 024° 33.215′

Nargö, a D5/T5 Multi-Cache is at least a full-day’s adventure of Naissaar, one of Estonia’s largest islands. Covered in protected coniferous forest, Naissaar has a surprisingly long history of military activity, which can be seen in the cemeteries of British sailors from the Crimean War, Soviet bunkers, and deep-sea mine anchors.
If you are brave enough to choose this journey — add a flashlight, some adventurous friends, and your survival skills to the packing list.

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