Experience geology on Mars and other planets without leaving Earth

In early December as the Perseverance Rover reached the halfway point on its journey to Mars, we introduced a new twist to EarthCaching, Planetary Geology on Earth. These EarthCaches take visitors to geological features on Earth that also exist on other planets. Since then, EarthCaches in this series have been appearing all over the world!

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Dr. McCubbin posing with a coastal view while geocaching,

Geocaching on Mars: An Interview with NASA’s Dr. Francis McCubbin

When NASA’s Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover launched last July, it included a tracking code that you’ll soon be able to log. With the rover scheduled to land in Jezero Crater on Mars on February 18, 2021, we wanted to learn more about the first-ever interplanetary trackable. Longtime geocacher Dr. Francis McCubbin (mikbalt) is a member of NASA’s Mars 2020 SHERLOC instrument team who played a big role in this exciting geocaching milestone!

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