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Kiilopään huippu – Aslakin Taigametsä 4 — Geocache of the Week

by Aslak, Adoted by exu, nix00
N 68° 20.501 E 027° 30.207
Path to the Geocache of the Week
Path to the Geocache of the Week

Finland. Land of the midnight sun and Land of a thousand lakes. Finland should really be known as the “land of tens of thousands of lakes and islands” because there are actually 187,888 lakes and 179,888 islands in the country (side note: who counts these things?).

Land of a thousand lakes... and then some
Land of a thousand lakes… and then some

Finland recently celebrated its 100th anniversary of independence. Many places around the world celebrated by lighting their own famous landmarks in Finland’s national colors of blue and white. Here some additional fun Finnish facts:

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Geocaching country souvenir: Namibia

Namibia Geocaching Souvenir

Situated in southern Africa, Namibia is known for surreal natural landscapes and phenomenal flora and fauna. Visitors from around the world travel to Namibia to experience the otherworldly red clay sand dunes of Sossusvlei, the variety of vegetation in the Kalahari Desert, and various other unique landscapes that span the country.

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Geocaching country souvenir: Malaysia

Located in southeast Asia, Malaysia is known for breathtaking scenery and a harmonious blend of Asian and European influences.

The country consists of two large landmasses. Peninsular Malaysia is sandwiched between Thailand and Singapore on the Malay Peninsula, while East Malaysia shares the island of Borneo with the countries of Brunei and Indonesia. The two portions of the country are separated by the South China Sea.

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Where in the world is Signal the Frog®? Australia!

After a busy time meeting with thousands of geocachers at Mega and Giga-Events all over the world, Signal the Frog® is ready for a summer vacation. Yes, that’s right – he’s packing flip flops*, a snorkel, and many bottles of amphibian-proof sunscreen, because he is headed for Australia!

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