How to make geocaching part of your morning routine

As the Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) situation is evolving rapidly, we encourage geocachers to follow the most current guidance from public health authorities when choosing how to participate in activities such as geocaching. Your health and safety are the top priority.

You may have heard it before, creating a morning routine can often lead to a more successful, productive, and meaningful day. It also sets the tone for the rest of your day which is why we think the perfect morning recipe is to wake up and just add geocaching. Here are four (slightly proven) ways to include geocaching into your morning routine.

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The making of a Lackey Tag

Lackey Tags have been around since 2011, when they were given to Lackeys* to commemorate their Lackeyversaries (the anniversary of the date they joined the company). These coveted tags are traded at events, dropped into caches, or sent off into the world as owned trackables. Since the only way to acquire one of these tags is for someone to interact directly with a Lackey, they can become quite popular among SWAG collectors. (Or would it be SFLO—Stuff From Lackeys Only)? You may be wondering how these special tags get created. Here, graphic designer Roxxy gives us the scoop on the history, design, and production of Lackey tags. 

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Just add geocaching

‘Mix and Match’ is the name of the game here! With so many activities at your fingertips, you don’t need to choose just one. Geocaching compliments many hobbies. Add geocaching to your other activities for a fun combination you’ll be hard-pressed to find elsewhere.

Of course, during this time we also encourage all geocachers to please follow the guidelines from your regional health officials. We understand these activities may have to wait for now, but we hope these ideas inspire your planning for the future.

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Five ways to keep the spirit of geocaching going

While many of us are still being asked to stay safe by staying home, it’s also important to acknowledge that others are able to go geocaching safely. Regardless of your current environment, what we all have in common is our love for geocaching, and our need to stay local. So, here are five ways to keep the spirit of geocaching going, while keeping it close to home.

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