New challenge February 6: Signal enters the final labyrinth in the dragon’s lair

With a lantern to light his way, Signal escaped the labyrinth in the castle and now one final challenge lies between him and returning home to Geocaching HQ—and it’s the biggest one yet. To get back home, Signal must navigate through a labyrinth in the lair of a hungry, fire-breathing dragon. Will Signal be able to get out without a run-in with the dragon? Gather all your geocaching friends and find geocaches to help Signal make one last escape! Geocachers have until February 6 at noon UTC to escape the castle before the journey through the dragon’s lair begins. Continue reading →

Geocaching in 2022: A year in review

Another year of geocaching is over and what a year it was. 2022 was full of new geocaches and Adventures, “Found it” logs, and exciting Events including our 20th Anniversary Celebration. As we start the new year, we wanted to share a look back at all the geocaching that happened in 2022. Here are 18 statistics highlighting the community’s geocaching achievements from the past year: Continue reading →

Announcing the 2023 hider souvenir 🗓️

For 2022 The Year of the Hide, we introduced the 2022 hider souvenir for cachers who helped the community refresh and revitalize the game board. It’s the first year we’ve awarded a hider souvenir for caches published from March until December. To commemorate the occasion, we’ve decided to award the souvenir to everyone who hid a cache or hosted an Event in all of 2022—January and February included.

But celebrating the amazing hides of 2022 doesn’t mean that hiding in 2023 isn’t equally important. Introducing the 2023 hider souvenir, available starting January 1st, 2023, for everyone placing a new geocache or hosting an Event Cache that is published in 2023!

Continue reading →

New challenge December 5: Help Signal escape the castle

Signal’s head is spinning from finding his way through all the twists and turns of the hedge maze, but he and Tracker finally see the maze’s exit. They run toward it and escape the maze as night begins to fall. The exit of the maze opens onto the grounds of an old, stone castle where Signal’s next challenge awaits him. With the help of geocachers around the world, will Signal find his way through the castle? Geocachers have until December 5 at noon UTC to escape the hedge maze before Signal’s journey through the castle begins. Continue reading →