New souvenir challenge:
The Science of Discovery

It’s 20 years into the 21st century and geocachers continue to be experts in the science of discovery. Recently, geocaching innovators have experimented in the Adventure Lab® to create new experiences. From interactive food tours to local trivia, cachers are formulating Adventures in new ways.

Let’s combine geocaching with Adventure Lab to create the perfect solution for discovery. April 12 through July 11, find Adventure Lab Caches and other geocache types to earn up to four scien-terrific souvenirs.

Join this challenge to learn more about Adventures and the undeniable chemistry between geocaching and science.

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New on
Log upvotes

At Geocaching HQ we want to encourage the sharing of fun, helpful, and inspiring logs. As you browse log entries on, you’ll notice “Great story” and “Helpful” buttons available on Found It, Attended, Webcam photo taken, DNF, and Event Announcement logs. You can now vote for logs which you feel include story worthy moments, an inspiring tale about the journey to the cache, or helpful tips. Be cautious of highlighting spoilers though, as cache owners may delete those logs.

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Geocaching 20th Anniversary Celebration postponed

No one likes to wait for a party. However, due to continued uncertainties related to COVID-19, Geocaching HQ is planning to host the Geocaching 20th Anniversary Celebration sometime in July/August 2022. We will announce the new date as soon as possible.

We are very sorry for any inconvenience this postponement may cause. However, we feel this is the best path to welcoming the worldwide geocaching community to Seattle and the Pacific Northwest in a safe and responsible manner. 

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A new souvenir has just landed

The Perseverance Rover has landed on Mars and with it a new souvenir! The rover includes a geocaching trackable that when logged, will earn you a souvenir for your profile. In addition to this new souvenir, we’re excited to announce a launch of our very own: the Geocaching HQ Mars rover landing page! Explore the rover, read about geocaching’s history in space, and learn how to log the trackable all on this interactive page.

Keep reading to learn about the first interplanetary trackable and how to log it in the coming weeks!

UPDATE: We originally reported that the trackable could be unlocked on March 10 however, we have since learned that this date has most likely changed. Space is the final frontier and that comes with many challenges, so the exact date of the camera calibration remains undetermined. As soon as we receive updated information, we will share it via Facebook. Thanks for being a part of this journey!

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