Creative caches: Library geocaches

It’s time to grab a good book and make sure your voice doesn’t rise above a strong whisper because today’s geocaching outing takes us to the library. In the years since geocaching started, library caches emerged as a genre of creative caches. It makes sense; with all those reading corners, books, and shelves, a library has many places that make great hiding spots to place a geocache after getting hiding permission. Plus, the quiet atmosphere of a library with patrons wrapped up in books and magazines makes it easy to keep a low profile as you search for a geocache. Read on for four examples of this special genre of geocache. Continue reading →

Five ways to scare away the ghosts of DNFs past

This Halloween, we have all things spooky on the brain. Some folks tell scary stories this time of year about vampires and ghosts, but for geocachers there’s nothing more haunting than tales of geocaching outings that ended in a “Didn’t find it” (DNF) log. A chill runs down the spine as you remember the search for a geocache and the moment you had to walk away, wondering where that container could be, sure that you had looked for it in every possible corner. However, these tales don’t have to haunt you forever! Read on for tips on how to scare away the ghosts of DNFs past. Continue reading →

New Souvenir: International EarthCache Day 2023!

EarthCaches are filled with pools of geological knowledge, just like Pamukkale in Turkey. These bright blue, eye-catching terrace pools are created by the carbonate mineral left by the thermal flow of spring water, pictured above.

Learn more about Earth and its incredibly unique formations on Saturday, October 7, and Sunday, October 8, in celebration of International EarthCache Day! Earn the official souvenir for visiting the physical location of the EarthCache and completing the logging requirements to receive your smiley.

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Where are the missing DNFs?

When you can’t find a geocache, do you log your DNF? To some cachers, it may sound like a trick question, because of course they do. Others cite any number of reasons for not logging a “Didn’t find it.” Maybe they think they didn’t spend enough time looking, or they only log a DNF if they feel certain the cache isn’t there. Some fear their DNF log will be the reason for a cache’s archival (it won’t). Whatever the reasons, most geocachers would agree that a lot of DNFs go unlogged. Continue reading →